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Sun Sep 7
10:00 am
CamosunTrudeaumania213Pheeble Las Vegas!
Columbia CH-Bar76Bunfire
Columbia CThe Okie Dokies513Frisbee Dance Battle
KingcrestFat and Furious410Dragon Sound
KingcrestFilet-O-Flick113Fruit Ninjas
Memorial ODiscalicious*810Bobolinkers
Memorial OHarshmellows133Try, Catch, Throw.
Trafalgar NWTeam Adequate48Koopa Minions
Trafalgar NWYodaMan135The Mighty Hucks
Winona NDirewolves313Huck Bunnies
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me137Flick N Twisted II
11:30 amCamosunOctopi137Pheeble Las Vegas!
Columbia CH-Bar94Frisbee Dance Battle
Columbia CThe Okie Dokies813Bunfire
KingcrestFat and Furious013Fruit Ninjas
KingcrestFilet-O-Flick511Dragon Sound
Memorial ODiscalicious*912Try, Catch, Throw.
Memorial OHarshmellows133Bobolinkers
Trafalgar NWTeam Adequate813The Mighty Hucks
Trafalgar NWYodaMan138Koopa Minions
Winona NDirewolves1113Flick N Twisted II
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me1013Huck Bunnies
1:00 pmColumbia CPrincess Layout212Ald's in
Columbia CTugboat83Minions
Columbia SMeat Tornadoes411Wyld Stallyns
Winona CKids with Altitude107Westside Sugoi
Winona NHand of Chal139The Hucking Ninjas
Winona NMighty Hucking Power Rangers49HUCK-una-Matata
2:30 pmColumbia CMeat Tornadoes1113Ald's in
Columbia CTugboat134Princess Layout
Columbia SMinions713Wyld Stallyns
Winona CThe Hucking Ninjas513Westside Sugoi
Winona NHand of Chal413Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Winona NKids with Altitude137HUCK-una-Matata
Sun Sep 14
10:00 am
Columbia CKoopa Minions613LeBrontourage
Columbia CThe Mighty Hucks1213Pheeble Las Vegas!
KingcrestFlick N Twisted II129Frisbee Dance Battle
KingcrestHuck Bunnies136Bunfire
Memorial ODirewolvesH-Bar
Memorial OTalk Nerdy To Me139The Okie Dokies
Winona NTeam Adequate513Octopi
Winona NYodaMan114Trudeaumania
11:00 amWinona CHarshmellows175Discalicious*
Winona CTry, Catch, Throw.1011Bobolinkers
Winona SDragon Sound417Fruit Ninjas
Winona SFat and Furious1310Filet-O-Flick
11:30 amColumbia CKoopa Minions513Pheeble Las Vegas!
Columbia CThe Mighty Hucks137LeBrontourage
KingcrestFlick N Twisted II1311Bunfire
KingcrestHuck Bunnies134Frisbee Dance Battle
Memorial ODirewolves135The Okie Dokies
Memorial OTalk Nerdy To MeH-Bar
Winona NTeam Adequate133Trudeaumania
Winona NYodaMan813Octopi
1:00 pmColumbia CKids with Altitude138Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Columbia CThe Hucking Ninjas313HUCK-una-Matata
Columbia SHand of Chal813Westside Sugoi
Winona CTugboat133Wyld Stallyns
Winona NMeat Tornadoes410Princess Layout
Winona NMinions58Ald's in
2:30 pmColumbia CHand of Chal1013HUCK-una-Matata
Columbia CKids with Altitude133The Hucking Ninjas
Columbia SMighty Hucking Power Rangers139Westside Sugoi
Winona CPrincess Layout212Wyld Stallyns
Winona NMeat Tornadoes811Minions
Winona NTugboat1011Ald's in
Sun Sep 21
10:00 am
CamosunBobolinkers413Fruit Ninjas
CamosunTry, Catch, Throw.131Dragon Sound
KingcrestKoopa Minions513Octopi
KingcrestThe Mighty Hucks138Trudeaumania
Memorial OTeam Adequate913LeBrontourage
Memorial OYodaMan813Pheeble Las Vegas!
Trafalgar NWDiscalicious*128Filet-O-Flick
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows136Fat and Furious
11:00 amWinona CDirewolves617Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CHuck Bunnies173Flick N Twisted II
Winona SBunfire1011Frisbee Dance Battle
Winona SH-BarThe Okie Dokies
11:30 amCamosunBobolinkers131Dragon Sound
CamosunTry, Catch, Throw.313Fruit Ninjas
KingcrestKoopa Minions1212Trudeaumania
KingcrestThe Mighty Hucks513Octopi
Memorial OTeam Adequate713Pheeble Las Vegas!
Memorial OYodaMan913LeBrontourage
Trafalgar NWDiscalicious*118Fat and Furious
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows911Filet-O-Flick
1:00 pmColumbia CPrincess Layout46Minions
Columbia CTugboat132Meat Tornadoes
Columbia SAld's in135Wyld Stallyns
Winona CHUCK-una-Matata911Westside Sugoi
Winona SHand of Chal513Kids with Altitude
Winona SMighty Hucking Power Rangers136The Hucking Ninjas
2:30 pmColumbia CPrincess Layout513Ald's in
Columbia CTugboat134Minions
Columbia SMeat Tornadoes713Wyld Stallyns
Winona CKids with Altitude137Westside Sugoi
Winona SHand of Chal313The Hucking Ninjas
Winona SMighty Hucking Power Rangers1310HUCK-una-Matata
Sun Sep 28
10:00 am
CamosunFlick N Twisted II135The Okie Dokies
CamosunHuck BunniesH-Bar
Columbia CBobolinkers131Filet-O-Flick
Columbia CTry, Catch, Throw.133Fat and Furious
Trafalgar NWDirewolves87Bunfire
Trafalgar NWTalk Nerdy To Me132Frisbee Dance Battle
Winona NDiscalicious*213Fruit Ninjas
Winona NHarshmellows94Dragon Sound
11:00 amKillarney CKoopa Minions1713The Mighty Hucks
Killarney CTeam Adequate1715YodaMan
Winona CLeBrontourage1412Pheeble Las Vegas!
Winona COctopi176Trudeaumania
11:30 amCamosunFlick N Twisted IIH-Bar
CamosunHuck Bunnies133The Okie Dokies
Columbia CBobolinkers132Fat and Furious
Columbia CTry, Catch, Throw.96Filet-O-Flick
Trafalgar NWDirewolves106Frisbee Dance Battle
Trafalgar NWTalk Nerdy To Me134Bunfire
Winona NDiscalicious*313Dragon Sound
Winona NHarshmellows213Fruit Ninjas
1:00 pmColumbia CHUCK-una-Matata136Ald's in
Columbia CKids with Altitude128Westside Sugoi
Columbia SMighty Hucking Power Rangers105Tugboat
Winona CThe Hucking NinjasForfeitedMeat Tornadoes
Winona SHand of Chal136Minions
Winona SWyld Stallyns115Princess Layout
2:30 pmColumbia CKids with Altitude138HUCK-una-Matata
Columbia CMighty Hucking Power Rangers1311Ald's in
Columbia SWestside Sugoi108Tugboat
Winona CMinions134Meat Tornadoes
Winona SHand of Chal1311Wyld Stallyns
Winona SThe Hucking Ninjas131Princess Layout
Sun Oct 5
10:00 am
CamosunTalk Nerdy To Me137Fruit Ninjas
CamosunThe Mighty Hucks713Huck Bunnies
Columbia CFrisbee Dance Battle117Harshmellows
Columbia CH-BarDirewolves
Killarney CDragon Sound1013Discalicious*
Killarney CFat and Furious613Filet-O-Flick
Memorial OBobolinkers913Try, Catch, Throw.
Memorial OBunfire1012The Okie Dokies
Trafalgar NWOctopi136LeBrontourage
Trafalgar NWPheeble Las Vegas!135YodaMan
Winona NKoopa Minions813Team Adequate
Winona NTrudeaumania69Flick N Twisted II
11:30 amCamosunTalk Nerdy To Me713Huck Bunnies
CamosunThe Mighty Hucks1310Fruit Ninjas
Columbia CFrisbee Dance Battle712Direwolves
Columbia CH-BarHarshmellows
Killarney CDragon Sound610Filet-O-Flick
Killarney CFat and Furious113Discalicious*
Memorial OBobolinkers313The Okie Dokies
Memorial OBunfire139Try, Catch, Throw.
Trafalgar NWOctopi138YodaMan
Trafalgar NWPheeble Las Vegas!1514LeBrontourage
Winona NKoopa Minions811Flick N Twisted II
Winona NTrudeaumania513Team Adequate
1:00 pmColumbia CMinions512Princess Layout
Columbia CThe Hucking Ninjas133Wyld Stallyns
Columbia SHand of ChalForfeitedMeat Tornadoes
Winona CKids with Altitude132Tugboat
Winona NMighty Hucking Power Rangers95HUCK-una-Matata
Winona NWestside Sugoi136Ald's in
2:30 pmColumbia CHand of Chal135Princess Layout
Columbia CThe Hucking Ninjas133Minions
Columbia SWyld StallynsForfeitedMeat Tornadoes
Winona CHUCK-una-MatataDefaultTugboat
Winona NKids with Altitude136Ald's in
Winona NMighty Hucking Power Rangers1113Westside Sugoi
Sun Oct 19
10:00 am
Columbia CPheeble Las Vegas!1011Talk Nerdy To Me
Columbia CYodaMan135Fruit Ninjas
Killarney CFlick N Twisted II135Harshmellows
Killarney CTrudeaumania96Frisbee Dance Battle
KingcrestBunfire131Dragon Sound
KingcrestThe Okie Dokies89Discalicious*
Memorial OKoopa MinionsH-Bar
Memorial OTeam Adequate134Direwolves
Winona CBobolinkers134Fat and Furious
Winona CTry, Catch, Throw.134Filet-O-Flick
Winona NLeBrontourage137Huck Bunnies
Winona NOctopi134The Mighty Hucks
11:30 amColumbia CPheeble Las Vegas!135Fruit Ninjas
Columbia CYodaMan95Talk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CFlick N Twisted II96Frisbee Dance Battle
Killarney CTrudeaumania107Harshmellows
KingcrestThe Okie Dokies133Dragon Sound
Memorial OKoopa Minions137Direwolves
Memorial OTeam AdequateH-Bar
Winona CBobolinkers136Filet-O-Flick
Winona CTry, Catch, Throw.118Fat and Furious
Winona NLeBrontourage132The Mighty Hucks
Winona NOctopi132Huck Bunnies
1:00 pmColumbia CHUCK-una-Matata1113Westside Sugoi
Columbia CKids with Altitude133Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Columbia SAld's in138Tugboat
Winona CPrincess Layout107Meat Tornadoes
Winona SHand of ChalDefaultThe Hucking Ninjas
Winona SWyld Stallyns113Minions
2:30 pmColumbia CHUCK-una-Matata1514Ald's in
Columbia CKids with Altitude1312Westside Sugoi
Columbia SMighty Hucking Power Rangers910Tugboat
Winona CThe Hucking NinjasForfeitedMeat Tornadoes
Winona SHand of Chal134Minions
Winona SWyld Stallyns106Princess Layout
Sun Oct 26
10:00 am
Killarney CPheeble Las Vegas!CancelledThe Mighty Hucks
Killarney CYodaManCancelledHuck Bunnies
KingcrestKoopa MinionsCancelledFrisbee Dance Battle
KingcrestTeam AdequateCancelledHarshmellows
Memorial OLeBrontourageFruit Ninjas
Memorial OOctopiCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Trafalgar NWBobolinkersCancelledDragon Sound
Trafalgar NWTry, Catch, Throw.CancelledDiscalicious*
Winona CFlick N Twisted IICancelledDirewolves
Winona CTrudeaumaniaCancelledH-Bar
Winona SBunfireCancelledFat and Furious
Winona SThe Okie DokiesCancelledFilet-O-Flick
11:30 amKillarney CPheeble Las Vegas!CancelledHuck Bunnies
Killarney CYodaManCancelledThe Mighty Hucks
KingcrestKoopa MinionsCancelledHarshmellows
KingcrestTeam AdequateCancelledFrisbee Dance Battle
Memorial OLeBrontourageCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Memorial OOctopiCancelledFruit Ninjas
Trafalgar NWBobolinkersCancelledDiscalicious*
Trafalgar NWTry, Catch, Throw.CancelledDragon Sound
Winona CFlick N Twisted IICancelledH-Bar
Winona CTrudeaumaniaCancelledDirewolves
Winona SBunfire137Filet-O-Flick
Winona SThe Okie DokiesCancelledFat and Furious
Sun Nov 2
10:00 am
Columbia CBobolinkers133Dragon Sound
Columbia CFilet-O-FlickForfeitedFat and Furious
KingcrestOctopi (P101)Talk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestPheeble Las Vegas!00YodaMan
Trafalgar NWFrisbee Dance Battle (P402)Harshmellows
Trafalgar NWTrudeaumania (P401)H-Bar
Winona CHuck Bunnies (P201)Fruit Ninjas
Winona CLeBrontourage (P202)The Mighty Hucks
Winona NBunfire1311The Okie Dokies
Winona NDiscalicious*79Try, Catch, Throw.
Winona SFlick N Twisted II137Direwolves
Winona STeam Adequate (P301)Koopa Minions
11:30 amColumbia CBobolinkers136Fat and Furious
Columbia CDragon Sound (P604)Filet-O-Flick
KingcrestW: P101 (P103)W: P102
KingcrestL: P101 (P104)L: P102
Trafalgar NWW: P401 (P403)W: P402
Trafalgar NWL: P401 (P404)L: P402
Winona CW: P201 (P203)W: P202
Winona CL: P201 (P204)L: P202
Winona NBunfire (P503)Try, Catch, Throw.
Winona NThe Okie Dokies135Discalicious*
Winona SW: P301 (P303)Flick N Twisted II
Winona SL: P301 (P304)Direwolves
1:00 pmKingcrestHand of Chal (U202)Ald's in
KingcrestHUCK-una-Matata (U201)The Hucking Ninjas
Memorial OKids with Altitude145Tugboat
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers413Westside Sugoi
Trafalgar NWPrincess Layout96Meat Tornadoes
Trafalgar NWWyld Stallyns125Minions
2:30 pmKingcrestW: U201 (U203)W: U202
KingcrestL: U201 (U204)L: U202
Memorial OKids with Altitude85Westside Sugoi
Memorial OTugboat1312Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Trafalgar NWMinions1312Meat Tornadoes
Trafalgar NWWyld Stallyns96Princess Layout
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