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Tue May 5
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump713Gummi Bears
BalaclavaBunfire138The Spirit Points
KingcrestRobot Love84Minions
KingcrestToo Drunk To Huck132Filet o Flick
RiverfrontCutting Edge713Fanny Pack Attack!
Rupert CGritty in Pink410Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CJust a Fling413Salt shakers
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me126Bids on my Disc
Trafalgar NWWhaTheHuck?115Pretty Kitties
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis513Rebels Without a Cosby
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters88Trudeaumania!
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo118Critters
Winona CUp!810Doggie Style
Winona NFr0g49JusDISC League
Winona NSuper Friends!27Princess Layout
Winona SPlaid to the Bone106Digletts
Winona SThe Greendale 7413Friends of Friends
6:30 pmMemorial ODiscThrow Inferno813Jokers
Memorial OHarshmellows1017Chronic Injury
Slocan CIllegal Smile617Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscalicious89Egg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone EFruit Ninjas 137ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.1713The Kangabrewskis
Memorial SWNaughty Neighbors1713 Eclipse
Trillium EMZ513Banana Cutters
Trillium EShooters & Busters137Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc1113Octopi
Trillium WThe Marauders137Gator Bait
7:30 pmBalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump1112The Spirit Points
BalaclavaBunfire1312Gummi Bears
KingcrestRobot Love39Filet o Flick
KingcrestToo Drunk To Huck96Minions
RiverfrontCutting Edge713Bobolinkers
RiverfrontPsyhucks97Fanny Pack Attack!
Rupert CGritty in Pink412Salt shakers
Rupert CJust a Fling413Ultimate BBT Too
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me125Pretty Kitties
Trafalgar NWWhaTheHuck?812Bids on my Disc
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis114Trudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters413Rebels Without a Cosby
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo108Doggie Style
Winona CUp!115Critters
Winona NFr0g68Princess Layout
Winona NSuper Friends!19JusDISC League
Winona SPlaid to the Bone711Friends of Friends
Winona SThe Greendale 7137Digletts
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscalicious613ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Andy Livingstone EFruit Ninjas 1113Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium EMZ134Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EShooters & Busters1312Banana Cutters
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc1211Gator Bait
Trillium WThe Marauders413Octopi
Tue May 12
6:00 pm
BalaclavaGritty in Pink613Rookie Monsters
BalaclavaJust a Fling1214Identity Crisis
KingcrestPrincess Layout106Egg Salad Sandwich
RiverfrontFr0g410Fruit Ninjas
RiverfrontSuper Friends!97Discalicious
Rupert CCritters1213Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CDoggie Style1310The Greendale 7
Trafalgar NWSalt shakers810Rebels Without a Cosby
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT Too133Trudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalDigletts313Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Van Tech OvalFriends of Friends1211Illegal Smile
Winona CMZ136The Marauders
Winona CShooters & Busters139Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona N Eclipse69The Kangabrewskis
Winona NNaughty Neighbors913Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona SBanana Cutters131Gator Bait
Winona SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back313Octopi
6:30 pmMemorial OPretty Kitties417Bids on my Disc
Memorial OWhaTheHuck?917Discpicable Me
Slocan CUp!1715Flickle Me Elmo
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscThrow Inferno138Harshmellows
Andy Livingstone EJokers1013Chronic Injury
Memorial SWBunfire1712Another Awesome Dump
Memorial SWThe Spirit Points1017Gummi Bears
Trillium ECutting Edge313Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EPsyhucks94Robot Love
Trillium WBobolinkers710Minions
Trillium WFanny Pack Attack!76Filet o Flick
7:30 pmBalaclavaGritty in Pink110Identity Crisis
BalaclavaJust a Fling413Rookie Monsters
KingcrestJusDISC League107Egg Salad Sandwich
KingcrestPrincess Layout59ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
RiverfrontSuper Friends!510Fruit Ninjas
Rupert CCritters108The Greendale 7
Rupert CDoggie Style1110Plaid to the Bone
Trafalgar NWSalt shakers910Trudeaumania!
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT Too713Rebels Without a Cosby
Van Tech OvalDigletts613Illegal Smile
Van Tech OvalFriends of Friends310Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Winona CMZ1211Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona CShooters & Busters134The Marauders
Winona N Eclipse513Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona NNaughty Neighbors95The Kangabrewskis
Winona SBanana Cutters135Octopi
Winona SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back613Gator Bait
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscThrow Inferno813Chronic Injury
Andy Livingstone EJokers1211Harshmellows
Trillium ECutting Edge97Robot Love
Trillium EPsyhucks513Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WBobolinkers711Filet o Flick
Trillium WFanny Pack Attack!810Minions
Tue May 19
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo413Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
BalaclavaUp!713Illegal Smile
KingcrestMother I'd Like to FLICK.139Harshmellows
KingcrestThe Kangabrewskis711Chronic Injury
Riverfront Eclipse1113Jokers
RiverfrontNaughty Neighbors813DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert CMZ138Gator Bait
Rupert CShooters & BustersForfeitedOctopi
Trafalgar NWCritters78Digletts
Trafalgar NWDoggie Style1110Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters138The Marauders
Van Tech OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back413Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona NAnother Awesome Dump1113Discpicable Me
Winona NBunfire136WhaTheHuck?
6:30 pmMemorial ORookie Monsters917Identity Crisis
Memorial OTrudeaumania!817Rebels Without a Cosby
Slocan CThe Greendale 71713Plaid to the Bone
Winona CCutting Edge1416Psyhucks
Winona CFanny Pack Attack!177Bobolinkers
Winona SFilet o Flick914Minions
Winona SToo Drunk To Huck175Robot Love
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGummi Bears115Bids on my Disc
Andy Livingstone EThe Spirit Points105Pretty Kitties
Memorial SWGritty in Pink913Just a Fling
Memorial SWUltimate BBT Too1314Salt shakers
Trillium ESuper Friends!134Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium WJusDISC League136Fruit Ninjas
Trillium WPrincess Layout133Discalicious
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo713Illegal Smile
BalaclavaUp!1113Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
KingcrestMother I'd Like to FLICK.1311Chronic Injury
KingcrestThe Kangabrewskis1210Harshmellows
Riverfront Eclipse1311DiscThrow Inferno
RiverfrontNaughty Neighbors810Jokers
Rupert CMZ1310Octopi
Rupert CShooters & BustersCancelledGator Bait
Trafalgar NWCritters49Friends of Friends
Trafalgar NWDoggie Style135Digletts
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters1311Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back813The Marauders
Winona NAnother Awesome Dump911WhaTheHuck?
Winona NBunfire1013Discpicable Me
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EGummi Bears134Pretty Kitties
Andy Livingstone EThe Spirit Points1213Bids on my Disc
Trillium EFr0g113Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium WJusDISC League132Discalicious
Trillium WPrincess Layout1112Fruit Ninjas
Tue May 26
6:00 pm
Jericho EMother I'd Like to FLICK.139DiscThrow Inferno
Jericho EThe Kangabrewskis711Jokers
KingcrestGummi Bears1210Discpicable Me
KingcrestThe Spirit Points1011WhaTheHuck?
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone1113Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial OThe Greendale 7137Illegal Smile
RiverfrontAnother Awesome Dump1211Bids on my Disc
RiverfrontBunfire133Pretty Kitties
Rupert CCutting Edge78Filet o Flick
Rupert CPsyhucks810Minions
UBC Wolfson Eclipse913Chronic Injury
UBC WolfsonNaughty Neighbors813Harshmellows
Van Tech OvalBobolinkers132Robot Love
Van Tech OvalFanny Pack Attack!119Too Drunk To Huck
Winona CFr0g1314Super Friends!
Winona NGritty in Pink713Trudeaumania!
Winona NJust a Fling513Rebels Without a Cosby
Winona SFruit Ninjas 174Discalicious
6:30 pmBalaclavaBanana Cutters179Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
BalaclavaMZ1315Shooters & Busters
Slocan CDoggie Style1811Critters
Trafalgar NWGator Bait817Octopi
Trafalgar NWThe Marauders1315Dark Side Of The Disc
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESalt shakers911Identity Crisis
Andy Livingstone EUltimate BBT Too119Rookie Monsters
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo134Digletts
Memorial SWUp!1113Friends of Friends
7:30 pmJericho EMother I'd Like to FLICK.1013Jokers
Jericho EThe Kangabrewskis913DiscThrow Inferno
KingcrestGummi Bears136WhaTheHuck?
KingcrestThe Spirit Points613Discpicable Me
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone1113Illegal Smile
Memorial OThe Greendale 7135Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
RiverfrontAnother Awesome Dump132Pretty Kitties
RiverfrontBunfire133Bids on my Disc
Rupert CCutting Edge411Minions
Rupert CPsyhucks610Filet o Flick
UBC Wolfson Eclipse1311Harshmellows
UBC WolfsonNaughty Neighbors913Chronic Injury
Van Tech OvalBobolinkers713Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech OvalFanny Pack Attack!137Robot Love
Winona CJusDISC League133Princess Layout
Winona NGritty in Pink713Rebels Without a Cosby
Winona NJust a Fling134Trudeaumania!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESalt shakers89Rookie Monsters
Andy Livingstone EUltimate BBT Too610Identity Crisis
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo910Friends of Friends
Memorial SWUp!1311Digletts
Tue Jun 2
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFanny Pack Attack!910Filet o Flick
Churchill OvalFlickle Me Elmo139Plaid to the Bone
Churchill OvalIllegal Smile913Up!
Jericho EThe Spirit Points1012JusDISC League
Jericho EWhaTheHuck?1113Another Awesome Dump
KingcrestDiscpicable Me913Bunfire
KingcrestSalt shakers513Gummi Bears
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc137Friends of Friends
Memorial ODoggie Style1211Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
RiverfrontCritters116Ultimate BBT Too
RiverfrontDiglettsRookie Monsters
Rupert CHarshmellows713Super Friends!
Rupert CPretty Kitties58Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWBobolinkers59Cutting Edge
Trafalgar NWPsyhucks125Robot Love
UBC WolfsonJust a FlingForfeitedBids on my Disc
UBC WolfsonTrudeaumania!98Gritty in Pink
Van Tech OvalEgg Salad Sandwich69Too Drunk To Huck
6:30 pmSlocan CRebels Without a Cosby617Identity Crisis
Winona CChronic Injury1316Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Winona CJokers1217DiscThrow Inferno
Winona S Eclipse175Fruit Ninjas
Winona SNaughty Neighbors1713The Kangabrewskis
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGator Bait139The Greendale 7
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders138Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWBanana Cutters137MZ
Memorial SWOctopi1113Shooters & Busters
7:30 pmBalaclavaDiscalicious113Filet o Flick
BalaclavaFanny Pack Attack!810Minions
Churchill OvalFlickle Me Elmo1011Up!
Churchill OvalIllegal Smile1211Plaid to the Bone
Jericho EThe Spirit Points313Another Awesome Dump
Jericho EWhaTheHuck?135JusDISC League
KingcrestDiscpicable Me1311Gummi Bears
KingcrestSalt shakers1013Bunfire
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc137Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial ODoggie Style1312Friends of Friends
RiverfrontCritters138Rookie Monsters
RiverfrontDigletts411Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CHarshmellows138Princess Layout
Rupert CPretty Kitties1013Super Friends!
Trafalgar NWBobolinkers410Robot Love
Trafalgar NWPsyhucks98Cutting Edge
UBC WolfsonJust a FlingCancelledGritty in Pink
UBC WolfsonTrudeaumania!CancelledBids on my Disc
Van Tech OvalEgg Salad Sandwich413Fr0g
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EGator Bait1011Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders1213The Greendale 7
Memorial SWBanana Cutters813Shooters & Busters
Memorial SWOctopi613MZ
Tue Jun 9
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHarshmellows108Egg Salad Sandwich
BalaclavaPretty Kitties712ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Churchill OvalRookie MonstersBunfire
Churchill OvalUltimate BBT Too106Gummi Bears
Jericho ECritters115Salt shakers
Jericho EDigletts69Discpicable Me
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone713Identity Crisis
KingcrestUp!119Rebels Without a Cosby
Memorial OFilet o Flick105Cutting Edge
Memorial OMinions106Robot Love
RiverfrontDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back134Illegal Smile
RiverfrontThe Greendale 71012Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CChronic Injury118Jokers
Rupert CMother I'd Like to FLICK.139DiscThrow Inferno
Trafalgar NWPrincess Layout107Fr0g
Trafalgar NWSuper Friends!513Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors96 Eclipse
Van Tech OvalThe Kangabrewskis98Fruit Ninjas
Winona NBanana Cutters1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona NOctopi139Doggie Style
6:30 pmSlocan CThe Marauders1715Gator Bait
Winona CGritty in Pink617Bids on my Disc
Winona CTrudeaumania!1115Just a Fling
Winona SAnother Awesome Dump1114JusDISC League
Winona SWhaTheHuck?1315The Spirit Points
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMZ136Friends of Friends
Andy Livingstone EShooters & Busters135Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial SWDiscalicious313Psyhucks
Memorial SWFanny Pack Attack!910Bobolinkers
7:30 pmBalaclavaHarshmellows1010ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
BalaclavaPretty Kitties119Egg Salad Sandwich
Churchill OvalRookie Monsters1311Gummi Bears
Churchill OvalUltimate BBT Too1311Bunfire
Jericho ECritters912Discpicable Me
Jericho EDigletts79Salt shakers
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone1513Rebels Without a Cosby
KingcrestUp!213Identity Crisis
Memorial OFilet o Flick133Robot Love
Memorial OMinions124Cutting Edge
RiverfrontDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back138Flickle Me Elmo
RiverfrontThe Greendale 7813Illegal Smile
Rupert CChronic Injury127DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert CMother I'd Like to FLICK.810Jokers
Trafalgar NWPrincess Layout313Too Drunk To Huck
Trafalgar NWSuper Friends!113Fr0g
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors106Fruit Ninjas
Van Tech OvalThe Kangabrewskis138 Eclipse
Winona NBanana Cutters139Doggie Style
Winona NOctopi139Dark Side Of The Disc
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMZ137Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Andy Livingstone EShooters & Busters133Friends of Friends
Memorial SWDiscalicious413Bobolinkers
Memorial SWFanny Pack Attack!413Psyhucks
Tue Jun 16
6:00 pm
BalaclavaChronic Injury910Naughty Neighbors
BalaclavaMother I'd Like to FLICK.132The Kangabrewskis
Churchill OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back136Up!
Churchill OvalThe Greendale 7133Plaid to the Bone
Jericho EGator Bait135Identity Crisis
Jericho EThe Marauders135Rebels Without a Cosby
KingcrestMZ138Dark Side Of The Disc
KingcrestShooters & BustersDoggie Style
Memorial OPrincess Layout812ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial OSuper Friends!Egg Salad Sandwich
RiverfrontBanana Cutters137Friends of Friends
RiverfrontOctopi139Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Rupert CJust a Fling133The Spirit Points
Rupert CTrudeaumania!67WhaTheHuck?
Trafalgar NWDiscThrow Inferno138Fruit Ninjas
Trafalgar NWJokers1310 Eclipse
Van Tech OvalBids on my Disc910JusDISC League
Van Tech OvalGritty in Pink513Another Awesome Dump
6:30 pmSlocan CIllegal Smile1715Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CCritters1214Digletts
Winona CUltimate BBT TooRookie Monsters
Winona NDiscalicious517Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona NMinions817Filet o Flick
Winona SGummi Bears1317Bunfire
Winona SSalt shakers1711Discpicable Me
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EPsyhucks179Bobolinkers
Andy Livingstone ERobot Love1217Cutting Edge
Memorial SWHarshmellows913Too Drunk To Huck
Memorial SWPretty Kitties813Fr0g
7:30 pmBalaclavaChronic Injury135The Kangabrewskis
BalaclavaMother I'd Like to FLICK.116Naughty Neighbors
Churchill OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back136Plaid to the Bone
Churchill OvalThe Greendale 7132Up!
Jericho EGator Bait132Rebels Without a Cosby
Jericho EThe Marauders132Identity Crisis
KingcrestMZ138Doggie Style
KingcrestShooters & BustersDark Side Of The Disc
Memorial OPrincess Layout611Egg Salad Sandwich
RiverfrontBanana Cutters1311Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
RiverfrontOctopi136Friends of Friends
Rupert CJust a Fling913WhaTheHuck?
Rupert CTrudeaumania!99The Spirit Points
Trafalgar NWDiscThrow Inferno1310 Eclipse
Trafalgar NWJokers1311Fruit Ninjas
Van Tech OvalBids on my Disc1312Another Awesome Dump
Van Tech OvalGritty in Pink811JusDISC League
8:30 pmMemorial SWHarshmellows713Fr0g
Memorial SWPretty Kitties613Too Drunk To Huck
Tue Jun 23
6:00 pm
BalaclavaJust a Fling910JusDISC League
BalaclavaTrudeaumania!49Another Awesome Dump
KingcrestFilet o Flick135Bobolinkers
Memorial ODiscThrow Inferno1310The Kangabrewskis
Memorial OJokers89Naughty Neighbors
RiverfrontDiscalicious107Robot Love
RiverfrontFanny Pack Attack!1214Cutting Edge
Rupert CCritters613Gummi Bears
Rupert CDiglettsDefaultBunfire
Trafalgar NWBids on my DiscThe Spirit Points
Trafalgar NWGritty in Pink611WhaTheHuck?
Van Tech OvalRookie MonstersDiscpicable Me
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT Too1110Salt shakers
Winona CGator Bait133Plaid to the Bone
Winona CThe Marauders133Up!
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo1012Identity Crisis
Winona SIllegal Smile613Rebels Without a Cosby
6:30 pmChurchill OvalBanana Cutters1618Octopi
Churchill OvalMZShooters & Busters
Killarney CDark Side Of The DiscDoggie Style
Killarney CFriends of Friends1417Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Slocan CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1715The Greendale 7
Winona NPretty Kitties1117Harshmellows
Winona NPrincess Layout1210Super Friends!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFr0gForfeitedToo Drunk To Huck
Andy Livingstone EULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION1417Egg Salad Sandwich
Memorial SWChronic Injury713 Eclipse
Memorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.138Fruit Ninjas
7:30 pmBalaclavaJust a Fling138Another Awesome Dump
BalaclavaTrudeaumania!912JusDISC League
KingcrestFilet o Flick116Psyhucks
Memorial ODiscThrow Inferno1214Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OJokers1214The Kangabrewskis
RiverfrontDiscalicious513Cutting Edge
RiverfrontFanny Pack Attack!107Robot Love
Rupert CCritters108Bunfire
Rupert CDigletts89Gummi Bears
Trafalgar NWBids on my DiscWhaTheHuck?
Trafalgar NWGritty in Pink1412The Spirit Points
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters1113Salt shakers
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT Too136Discpicable Me
Winona CGator Bait138Up!
Winona CThe Marauders1311Plaid to the Bone
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo1413Rebels Without a Cosby
Winona SIllegal Smile138Identity Crisis
8:30 pmMemorial SWChronic Injury1315Fruit Ninjas
Memorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.138 Eclipse
Tue Jun 30
6:00 pm
BalaclavaRebels Without a Cosby713Bunfire
BalaclavaUp!108Plaid to the Bone
Churchill OvalFruit Ninjas 74Super Friends!
Churchill OvalHarshmellows1210Princess Layout
Jericho ECritters105Rookie Monsters
Jericho EDiscpicable Me69Gummi Bears
Killarney CBobolinkers132Discalicious
Killarney CFanny Pack Attack!106Robot Love
KingcrestPretty Kitties116Cutting Edge
Memorial OBids on my DiscForfeitedThe Spirit Points
Memorial OTrudeaumania!511Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Musqueam EEgg Salad Sandwich86Filet o Flick
Rupert CDoggie StyleFriends of Friends
Rupert CEveryday I'm Huckin' It!1310Identity Crisis
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo134Ultimate BBT Too
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile913The Greendale 7
Winona CMZ1011Banana Cutters
Winona COctopiShooters & Busters
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc135Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona NThe Marauders813Gator Bait
6:30 pmOak MeadowsDiscThrow Inferno1517Jokers
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink517Naughty Neighbors
Trafalgar NWSalt shakers1712Digletts
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone E Eclipse1317Too Drunk To Huck
Andy Livingstone EChronic Injury179The Kangabrewskis
Memorial SWAnother Awesome Dump135Just a Fling
Memorial SWJusDISC League811WhaTheHuck?
7:30 pmBalaclavaRebels Without a Cosby1311Plaid to the Bone
Churchill OvalFruit Ninjas 117Princess Layout
Churchill OvalHarshmellows131Super Friends!
Jericho ECritters115Gummi Bears
Jericho EDiscpicable Me813Rookie Monsters
Killarney CBobolinkers107Robot Love
Killarney CFanny Pack Attack!133Discalicious
KingcrestFr0g129Cutting Edge
KingcrestPretty Kitties813Minions
Memorial OBids on my DiscForfeitedMother I'd Like to FLICK.
Memorial OTrudeaumania!1311The Spirit Points
Musqueam EEgg Salad Sandwich105Psyhucks
Rupert CDoggie Style1311Identity Crisis
Rupert CEveryday I'm Huckin' It!1013Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo1214The Greendale 7
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile136Ultimate BBT Too
Winona CMZShooters & Busters
Winona COctopi139Banana Cutters
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc413Gator Bait
Winona NThe Marauders1012Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
8:30 pmMemorial SWAnother Awesome Dump710WhaTheHuck?
Memorial SWJusDISC League127Just a Fling
Tue Jul 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDoggie Style99Illegal Smile
BalaclavaEveryday I'm Huckin' It!136Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EFriends of Friends1213The Greendale 7
Jericho EIdentity Crisis137Ultimate BBT Too
Killarney CPrincess Layout811Psyhucks
Killarney CSuper Friends!213Filet o Flick
KingcrestFruit Ninjas 99Egg Salad Sandwich
KingcrestHarshmellows1310ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial OGummi Bears413Salt shakers
Memorial ORookie Monsters911Digletts
Rupert CMZ136Dark Side Of The Disc
Rupert COctopi138The Marauders
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters1311Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Van Tech OvalShooters & BustersGator Bait
Winona CGritty in Pink128DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CNaughty Neighbors89Jokers
Winona NChronic Injury137 Eclipse
Winona NThe Kangabrewskis413Too Drunk To Huck
6:30 pmOak MeadowsJusDISC League1415Another Awesome Dump
Oak MeadowsWhaTheHuck?1512Just a Fling
Trafalgar NWUp!1217Rebels Without a Cosby
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBids on my Disc175Trudeaumania!
Andy Livingstone EThe Spirit Points1217Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Memorial SWBunfire813Critters
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone118Discpicable Me
Trillium EFr0g105Bobolinkers
Trillium EPretty Kitties135Fanny Pack Attack!
Trillium WCutting Edge510Robot Love
Trillium WMinions135Discalicious
7:30 pmBalaclavaDoggie Style1315Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaEveryday I'm Huckin' It!139Illegal Smile
Jericho EFriends of Friends1310Ultimate BBT Too
Jericho EIdentity CrisisThe Greendale 7
Killarney CPrincess Layout49Filet o Flick
Killarney CSuper Friends!69Psyhucks
KingcrestHarshmellows109Egg Salad Sandwich
Memorial OGummi Bears1113Digletts
Memorial ORookie Monsters1012Salt shakers
Rupert CMZ132The Marauders
Rupert COctopi135Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutters137Gator Bait
Van Tech OvalShooters & BustersDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona CGritty in Pink413Jokers
Winona CNaughty Neighbors1013DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NChronic Injury613Too Drunk To Huck
Winona NThe Kangabrewskis1111 Eclipse
8:30 pmMemorial SWBunfire118Discpicable Me
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone613Critters
Trillium EFr0g139Fanny Pack Attack!
Trillium EPretty Kitties133Bobolinkers
Trillium WCutting Edge117Discalicious
Trillium WMinions103Robot Love
Tue Jul 14
6:00 pm
BalaclavaMZ134Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
BalaclavaOctopi137Gator Bait
Jericho EBanana CuttersDark Side Of The Disc
Jericho EShooters & BustersThe Marauders
Killarney CJust a Fling712Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Killarney CWhaTheHuck?713The Spirit Points
KingcrestAnother Awesome Dump134Trudeaumania!
KingcrestJusDISC LeagueBids on my Disc
Oak MeadowsRebels Without a Cosby1011Digletts
Oak MeadowsUp!1213Salt shakers
Winona CFruit Ninjas 97Filet o Flick
Winona CHarshmellows88Psyhucks
Winona NSuper Friends!89Egg Salad Sandwich
6:30 pmMemorial OIllegal Smile1713Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial OThe Greendale 71712Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CFr0g1712Pretty Kitties
Rupert CMinions173Cutting Edge
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me717Critters
Van Tech OvalBobolinkers717Fanny Pack Attack!
Van Tech OvalDiscalicious812Robot Love
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBunfire1312Rookie Monsters
Andy Livingstone EPlaid to the Bone136Gummi Bears
Memorial SWDoggie Style1017Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial SWFriends of Friends1712Identity Crisis
Trillium EGritty in Pink1210Chronic Injury
Trillium ENaughty Neighbors136The Kangabrewskis
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno132 Eclipse
Trillium WJokers1013Too Drunk To Huck
7:30 pmBalaclavaMZ136Gator Bait
BalaclavaOctopi1310Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho EBanana Cutters134The Marauders
Jericho EShooters & BustersDark Side Of The Disc
Killarney CJust a Fling713The Spirit Points
Killarney CWhaTheHuck?313Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
KingcrestAnother Awesome DumpBids on my Disc
KingcrestJusDISC League124Trudeaumania!
Oak MeadowsRebels Without a Cosby813Salt shakers
Oak MeadowsUp!911Digletts
Winona CFruit Ninjas 613Psyhucks
Winona CHarshmellows86Filet o Flick
Winona NPrincess Layout410Egg Salad Sandwich
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBunfire136Gummi Bears
Andy Livingstone EPlaid to the Bone127Rookie Monsters
Trillium EGritty in Pink135The Kangabrewskis
Trillium ENaughty Neighbors137Chronic Injury
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno139Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WJokers513 Eclipse
Tue Jul 21
6:00 pm
Killarney CCritters1311Digletts
Killarney CDiscpicable Me78Salt shakers
KingcrestRebels Without a Cosby510Rookie Monsters
KingcrestUp!96Gummi Bears
Oak MeadowsDoggie StyleThe Greendale 7
Oak MeadowsEveryday I'm Huckin' It!128Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CGritty in Pink510 Eclipse
Rupert CNaughty Neighbors118Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech OvalDiscThrow Inferno107Chronic Injury
Van Tech OvalJokers133The Kangabrewskis
Winona CFr0g117Discalicious
Winona CPretty Kitties97Robot Love
Winona NCutting Edge89Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona NMinions106Bobolinkers
6:30 pmBalaclavaFruit Ninjas 1013Harshmellows
BalaclavaSuper Friends!1310Princess Layout
Jericho EEgg Salad Sandwich1013ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Jericho EFilet o Flick613Psyhucks
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc177The Marauders
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackGator Bait
Trafalgar NWPlaid to the Bone1417Bunfire
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFriends of Friends138Illegal Smile
Andy Livingstone EIdentity Crisis115Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial SWBanana Cutters1711Shooters & Busters
Memorial SWMZ1513Octopi
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump89Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Trillium EJusDISC League108The Spirit Points
Trillium WJust a Fling89Trudeaumania!
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?810Bids on my Disc
7:30 pmKillarney CCritters1210Salt shakers
Killarney CDiscpicable Me1013Digletts
KingcrestRebels Without a Cosby136Gummi Bears
KingcrestUp!810Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsDoggie Style913Ultimate BBT Too
Oak MeadowsEveryday I'm Huckin' It!1013The Greendale 7
Rupert CGritty in Pink713Too Drunk To Huck
Rupert CNaughty Neighbors813 Eclipse
Van Tech OvalDiscThrow Inferno135The Kangabrewskis
Van Tech OvalJokers1413Chronic Injury
Winona CFr0g137Robot Love
Winona CPretty Kitties712Discalicious
Winona NCutting Edge137Bobolinkers
Winona NMinions1213Fanny Pack Attack!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFriends of Friends1310Flickle Me Elmo
Andy Livingstone EIdentity Crisis138Illegal Smile
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump712The Spirit Points
Trillium EJusDISC League713Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Trillium WJust a Fling910Bids on my Disc
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?127Trudeaumania!
Tue Jul 28
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBunfire139Rebels Without a Cosby
BalaclavaDigletts136Plaid to the Bone
Trafalgar NWRookie MonstersGummi Bears
Trafalgar NWUp!96Discpicable Me
6:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscThrow Inferno175The Kangabrewskis
Andy Livingstone ENaughty Neighbors917 Eclipse
Jericho EFanny Pack Attack!1114Bobolinkers
Jericho EFr0g1512Cutting Edge
KingcrestEgg Salad Sandwich1214Filet o Flick
KingcrestPsyhucks178Princess Layout
Memorial OAnother Awesome Dump1013Bids on my Disc
Memorial OJusDISC League153Trudeaumania!
Musqueam EMinions175Discalicious
Musqueam EPretty Kitties1715Robot Love
Oak MeadowsJokers317Gritty in Pink
Oak MeadowsToo Drunk To Huck178Chronic Injury
Rupert CFriends of Friends1216Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CIdentity Crisis1317Illegal Smile
Van Tech OvalEveryday I'm Huckin' It!1217Doggie Style
Van Tech OvalThe Greendale 71712Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NHarshmellows135Super Friends!
Winona SCritters1217Salt shakers
7:00 pmMemorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.1513Just a Fling
Memorial SWWhaTheHuck?1711The Spirit Points
Trillium EBanana Cutters178The Marauders
Trillium EShooters & Busters1711Gator Bait
Trillium WMZ159Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium WOctopi178Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
7:30 pmBalaclavaBunfire713Plaid to the Bone
BalaclavaDigletts137Rebels Without a Cosby
Trafalgar NWRookie MonstersDiscpicable Me
Trafalgar NWUp!138Gummi Bears
Tue Aug 4
6:30 pm
BalaclavaThe Greendale 7177Doggie Style
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too1713Illegal Smile
Churchill OvalBids on my DiscForfeitedJusDISC League
Churchill OvalMother I'd Like to FLICK.1117WhaTheHuck?
KingcrestJokers1017Chronic Injury
KingcrestThe Kangabrewskis917Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OBunfire1716Plaid to the Bone
Memorial ODigletts177Rebels Without a Cosby
Oak MeadowsAnother Awesome Dump1510Trudeaumania!
Oak MeadowsJust a Fling1714The Spirit Points
Rupert CBanana Cutters (A105)Shooters & Busters
Rupert CMZ155Octopi
Trafalgar NWFlickle Me Elmo1317Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trafalgar NWFriends of Friends151Identity Crisis
Van Tech OvalDark Side Of The Disc139Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Van Tech OvalThe Marauders1513Gator Bait
Winona CBobolinkers517Fr0g
Winona CMinions1317Pretty Kitties
Winona NDiscThrow Inferno1712 Eclipse
Winona NGritty in Pink517Too Drunk To Huck
Winona SDiscalicious715Robot Love
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!1712Cutting Edge
7:00 pmMemorial SWRookie Monsters1312Discpicable Me
Memorial SWUp!1013Gummi Bears
Trillium EFilet o Flick417Psyhucks
Trillium EHarshmellows1310Fruit Ninjas
Trillium WEgg Salad Sandwich1312Princess Layout
8:30 pmMemorial SWCritters137Gummi Bears
Memorial SWSalt shakers135Rookie Monsters
Tue Aug 11
6:00 pm
Churchill OvalCritters89Digletts
Churchill OvalSalt shakers1211Bunfire
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable Me1311Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsUp!812Rebels Without a Cosby
6:30 pmBalaclavaL: A105 (A110)Octopi
BalaclavaShooters & Busters1414MZ
Jericho EGummi Bears (C115)Rookie Monsters
KingcrestJust a Fling717Another Awesome Dump
KingcrestThe Spirit Points (D112)Trudeaumania!
Memorial OFriends of Friends1217Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial OIdentity Crisis1511Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CMinions178Bobolinkers
Rupert CPretty Kitties1513Fr0g
Trafalgar NWGator Bait (A112)Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trafalgar NWThe Marauders (A111)Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalDiscalicious (G112)Cutting Edge
Van Tech OvalRobot Love1614Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona CFruit Ninjas 174Filet o Flick
Winona CHarshmellows617Psyhucks
Winona NMother I'd Like to FLICK. (D110)Bids on my Disc
Winona NWhaTheHuck?517JusDISC League
Winona SSuper Friends! (F111)Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona SULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION (F112)Princess Layout
7:00 pmMemorial SWIllegal Smile1017Doggie Style
Memorial SWUltimate BBT Too417The Greendale 7
Trillium E Eclipse (E110)Gritty in Pink
Trillium EDiscThrow Inferno911Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WNaughty Neighbors1513Chronic Injury
Trillium WThe Kangabrewskis713Jokers
7:30 pmChurchill OvalCritters312Bunfire
Churchill OvalDigletts511Salt shakers
Oak MeadowsRebels Without a Cosby (C113)Discpicable Me
Oak MeadowsUp! (C114)Plaid to the Bone
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