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Tue May 3
6:00 pm
BalaclavaClassy as Huck410Surgical Cuts
BalaclavaHuck It413Those Meddling Kids
Churchill OvalDespicable Me98Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Churchill OvalMinions133Fat & Furious
Jericho EJokers911Gentle Warriors
Jericho ENaughty Neighbors68Just a Fling
Memorial OAvacado Alliance 410Discpicable Me
Memorial OKingsway's Finest131Gritty in Pink
Oak MeadowsFrisbae135Critters
Oak MeadowsHuckuna Matata118Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
UBC WolfsonAnother Awesome Dump613Chronic Injury
UBC WolfsonSkywalkers139Game of Throws
Van Tech OvalBC Black1311Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalFullmetal135Walt Discney 4
Winona CPretty Kitties135Space Oddities
Winona NIdentity Crisis139Friends of Friends
Winona NIllegal Smile1113Flickatchus
Winona SThe Frisbee's Knees69Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona SVictorious Secret108Princess Layout
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWDiscalicious109Disc Monkeys
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGator Bait108The Greendale 7
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders313Carnage
Memorial SWFROG112DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial SWRookie Monsters413Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium Efriendzone136Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium ETeam Adequate87Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!111290s Throwback
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?78Ultimate BBT Too
7:30 pmBalaclavaClassy as Huck513Those Meddling Kids
BalaclavaHuck It813Surgical Cuts
Churchill OvalDespicable Me133Fat & Furious
Churchill OvalMinions133Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Jericho EJokers134Just a Fling
Jericho ENaughty Neighbors810Gentle Warriors
Memorial OAvacado Alliance 133Gritty in Pink
Memorial OKingsway's Finest1010Discpicable Me
Oak MeadowsFrisbae109Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Oak MeadowsHuckuna Matata139Critters
UBC WolfsonAnother Awesome Dump910Game of Throws
UBC WolfsonSkywalkers1312Chronic Injury
Van Tech OvalBC Black137Walt Discney 4
Van Tech OvalFullmetal1110Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona CFLICK YEAH117Space Oddities
Winona NIdentity Crisis912Flickatchus
Winona NIllegal Smile513Friends of Friends
Winona SThe Frisbee's Knees410Princess Layout
Winona SVictorious Secret137Fanny Pack Attack!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EGator Bait813Carnage
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders613The Greendale 7
Memorial SWFROG513Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial SWRookie Monsters313DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium Efriendzone1310Plaid to the Bone
Trillium ETeam Adequate1310Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium WThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!313Ultimate BBT Too
Trillium WWhaTheHuck?7990s Throwback
Tue May 10
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFLICK YEAH313Victorious Secret
BalaclavaPretty Kitties139The Frisbee's Knees
Churchill OvalSpace Oddities69Fanny Pack Attack!
Churchill OvalULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION125Princess Layout
KingcrestSurgical Cuts513Minions
KingcrestThose Meddling Kids1413Despicable Me
Memorial OChronic Injury128Just a Fling
Memorial OGame of Throws913Gentle Warriors
Oak MeadowsBC Black139Gator Bait
Oak MeadowsFullmetal134The Marauders
Rupert CFat & Furious57Discalicious
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers810Disc Monkeys
UBC Wolfsonfriendzone1210Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
UBC WolfsonTeam Adequate1211WhaTheHuck?
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo9990s Throwback
Van Tech OvalPlaid to the Bone132Ultimate BBT Too
Winona CFROG113Kingsway's Finest
Winona CRookie Monsters610Avacado Alliance
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc1310The Greendale 7
Winona NWalt Discney 41213Carnage
Winona SDiscThrow Inferno131Gritty in Pink
Winona SWii (not) Fit?137Discpicable Me
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWClassy as Huck817Huck It
7:00 pmMemorial SWAnother Awesome Dump1011Naughty Neighbors
Memorial SWSkywalkers912Jokers
Trillium EFrisbae136Illegal Smile
Trillium EHuckuna Matata138Identity Crisis
Trillium WCritters613Flickatchus
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1310Friends of Friends
7:30 pmBalaclavaFLICK YEAH68The Frisbee's Knees
BalaclavaPretty Kitties413Victorious Secret
Churchill OvalSpace Oddities48Princess Layout
Churchill OvalULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION135Fanny Pack Attack!
KingcrestSurgical Cuts911Despicable Me
KingcrestThose Meddling Kids1113Minions
Memorial OChronic Injury713Gentle Warriors
Memorial OGame of Throws132Just a Fling
Oak MeadowsBC Black134The Marauders
Oak MeadowsFullmetal136Gator Bait
Rupert CFat & Furious1012Disc Monkeys
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers108Discalicious
UBC Wolfsonfriendzone137WhaTheHuck?
UBC WolfsonTeam Adequate98Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo412Ultimate BBT Too
Van Tech OvalPlaid to the Bone13890s Throwback
Winona CFROG910Avacado Alliance
Winona CRookie Monsters213Kingsway's Finest
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc134Carnage
Winona NWalt Discney 4135The Greendale 7
Winona SDiscThrow Inferno1312Discpicable Me
Winona SWii (not) Fit?131Gritty in Pink
8:30 pmMemorial SWAnother Awesome Dump910Jokers
Memorial SWSkywalkers129Naughty Neighbors
Trillium EFrisbae134Identity Crisis
Trillium EHuckuna Matata138Illegal Smile
Trillium WCritters812Friends of Friends
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back135Flickatchus
Tue May 17
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFROG76Gritty in Pink
BalaclavaRookie Monsters1013Discpicable Me
Churchill OvalDiscThrow Inferno1312Kingsway's Finest
Churchill OvalWii (not) Fit?136Avacado Alliance
KingcrestFLICK YEAH512Princess Layout
KingcrestPretty Kitties911Fanny Pack Attack!
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo106Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone135WhaTheHuck?
Rupert CSpace Oddities612The Frisbee's Knees
Rupert CULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION710Victorious Secret
UBC WolfsonFrisbae139Flickatchus
UBC WolfsonHuckuna Matata1311Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalClassy as Huck128Discalicious
Van Tech OvalHuck It710Disc Monkeys
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump79Just a Fling
Winona CSkywalkers99Gentle Warriors
Winona NCritters913Illegal Smile
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back119Identity Crisis
Winona SChronic Injury812Naughty Neighbors
Winona SGame of Throws107Jokers
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWMinions1417Despicable Me
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESurgical Cuts98Fat & Furious
Andy Livingstone EThose Meddling Kids134Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Memorial SWfriendzone131090s Throwback
Memorial SWTeam Adequate139Ultimate BBT Too
Trillium EBC Black136The Greendale 7
Trillium EFullmetal136Carnage
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc133Gator Bait
Trillium WWalt Discney 4132The Marauders
7:30 pmBalaclavaFROG313Discpicable Me
BalaclavaRookie Monsters137Gritty in Pink
Churchill OvalDiscThrow Inferno137Avacado Alliance
Churchill OvalWii (not) Fit?813Kingsway's Finest
KingcrestFLICK YEAH48Fanny Pack Attack!
KingcrestPretty Kitties56Princess Layout
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo1315WhaTheHuck?
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone133Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert CSpace Oddities213Victorious Secret
Rupert CULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION125The Frisbee's Knees
UBC WolfsonFrisbae1310Friends of Friends
UBC WolfsonHuckuna Matata139Flickatchus
Van Tech OvalClassy as Huck1012Disc Monkeys
Van Tech OvalHuck It137Discalicious
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump513Gentle Warriors
Winona CSkywalkers135Just a Fling
Winona NCritters812Identity Crisis
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back139Illegal Smile
Winona SChronic Injury1311Jokers
Winona SGame of Throws1110Naughty Neighbors
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESurgical Cuts107Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Andy Livingstone EThose Meddling Kids136Fat & Furious
Memorial SWfriendzone138Ultimate BBT Too
Memorial SWTeam Adequate101390s Throwback
Trillium EBC Black138Carnage
Trillium EFullmetal134The Greendale 7
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc131The Marauders
Trillium WWalt Discney 4613Gator Bait
Tue May 24
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump811Skywalkers
BalaclavaChronic Injury87Game of Throws
Churchill OvalJust a Fling513Gentle Warriors
Churchill OvalNaughty Neighbors06Jokers
KingcrestRookie Monsters137FROG
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?910DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial OFriends of Friends1011Flickatchus
Memorial OIdentity Crisis139Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsClassy as Huck711Fat & Furious
Oak MeadowsHuck It138Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Rupert CAvacado Alliance 411Kingsway's Finest
Rupert CDiscpicable Me135Gritty in Pink
UBC WolfsonBC Black119Fullmetal
UBC WolfsonDark Side Of The Disc1310Walt Discney 4
Van Tech OvalPretty Kitties108FLICK YEAH
Van Tech OvalSpace Oddities812ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona CPlaid to the Bone135Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CTeam Adequate313friendzone
Winona NDespicable Me133Disc Monkeys
Winona NMinions134Discalicious
Winona SUltimate BBT Too71090s Throwback
Winona SWhaTheHuck?136Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWSurgical CutsDefaultThose Meddling Kids
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFanny Pack Attack!105Princess Layout
Andy Livingstone EThe Frisbee's Knees513Victorious Secret
Memorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back133Critters
Memorial SWHuckuna Matata813Frisbae
Trillium EGator Bait136The Marauders
Trillium EThe Greendale 7134Carnage
7:30 pmBalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump712Game of Throws
BalaclavaChronic Injury613Skywalkers
Churchill OvalJust a Fling613Jokers
Churchill OvalNaughty Neighbors513Gentle Warriors
KingcrestRookie Monsters1211DiscThrow Inferno
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?133FROG
Memorial OFriends of Friends1310Illegal Smile
Memorial OIdentity Crisis1113Flickatchus
Oak MeadowsClassy as Huck513Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Oak MeadowsHuck It137Fat & Furious
Rupert CAvacado Alliance 139Gritty in Pink
Rupert CDiscpicable Me137Kingsway's Finest
UBC WolfsonBC Black136Walt Discney 4
UBC WolfsonDark Side Of The Disc1214Fullmetal
Van Tech OvalSpace Oddities612FLICK YEAH
Winona CPlaid to the Bone913friendzone
Winona CTeam Adequate133Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NDespicable Me133Discalicious
Winona NMinions134Disc Monkeys
Winona SUltimate BBT Too134Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona SWhaTheHuck?101390s Throwback
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFanny Pack Attack!313Victorious Secret
Andy Livingstone EThe Frisbee's Knees69Princess Layout
Memorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1113Frisbae
Memorial SWHuckuna Matata134Critters
Trillium EGator BaitCarnage
Trillium EThe Greendale 7132The Marauders
Tue May 31
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCritters12990s Throwback
BalaclavaTeam Adequate613Plaid to the Bone
Churchill OvalUltimate BBT Too611Flickle Me Elmo
Churchill OvalWhaTheHuck?913Gentle Warriors
KingcrestChronic Injury913DiscThrow Inferno
KingcrestJust a Fling311Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial OBC Black1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial OFullmetal133Carnage
Oak MeadowsFROG117Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink610Fanny Pack Attack!
Rupert CSkywalkers138Jokers
Rupert CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!810Game of Throws
Van Tech OvalAvacado Alliance 113Victorious Secret
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters115ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona CHuckuna Matata713Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona CThe Marauders1213Flickatchus
Winona NPretty Kitties513Despicable Me
Winona NThose Meddling Kids139Minions
Winona SFriends of Friends138friendzone
Winona SIdentity Crisis137Illegal Smile
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWClassy as Huck128Fat & Furious
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAnother Awesome Dump411Kingsway's Finest
Andy Livingstone ENaughty Neighbors313Discpicable Me
Memorial SWGator Bait912Walt Discney 4
Memorial SWThe Greendale 71312Frisbae
Trillium EFLICK YEAH86Disc Monkeys
Trillium EThe Frisbee's Knees910Space Oddities
Trillium WHuck It1311Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Trillium WSurgical Cuts124Discalicious
7:30 pmBalaclavaCritters1310Plaid to the Bone
BalaclavaTeam Adequate12990s Throwback
Churchill OvalUltimate BBT Too713Gentle Warriors
Churchill OvalWhaTheHuck?711Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestChronic Injury613Wii (not) Fit?
KingcrestJust a Fling513DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial OBC Black1310Carnage
Memorial OFullmetal1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Oak MeadowsFROG137Fanny Pack Attack!
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink510Princess Layout
Rupert CSkywalkers911Game of Throws
Rupert CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!138Jokers
Van Tech OvalAvacado Alliance 610ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters1311Victorious Secret
Winona CHuckuna Matata1214Flickatchus
Winona CThe Marauders1113Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona NPretty Kitties1011Minions
Winona NThose Meddling Kids713Despicable Me
Winona SFriends of Friends139Illegal Smile
Winona SIdentity Crisis136friendzone
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAnother Awesome Dump613Discpicable Me
Andy Livingstone ENaughty Neighbors613Kingsway's Finest
Memorial SWGator Bait119Frisbae
Memorial SWThe Greendale 71210Walt Discney 4
Trillium EFLICK YEAH710Space Oddities
Trillium EThe Frisbee's Knees104Disc Monkeys
Trillium WHuck It127Discalicious
Trillium WSurgical Cuts109Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Tue Jun 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHuckuna Matata136Friends of Friends
BalaclavaThe Marauders108Identity Crisis
Churchill OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1012friendzone
Churchill OvalFlickatchus913Illegal Smile
Kingcrest90s Throwback1211Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone1113Gentle Warriors
Memorial ODiscalicious97Classy as Huck
Memorial ORocky Mountain Bear Huckers84Fat & Furious
Oak MeadowsAnother Awesome Dump134Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsNaughty Neighbors1113Avacado Alliance
Rupert CCritters1311Ultimate BBT Too
Rupert CTeam Adequate139WhaTheHuck?
Van Tech OvalGame of Throws913DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalJokers1310Wii (not) Fit?
Winona CBC BlackGator Bait
Winona CFullmetal1310The Greendale 7
Winona NDiscpicable Me134Victorious Secret
Winona NKingsway's Finest134ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona SCarnage137Frisbae
Winona SDark Side Of The Disc136Walt Discney 4
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWThe Frisbee's Knees177FLICK YEAH
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESkywalkers87Just a Fling
Andy Livingstone EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!139Chronic Injury
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys611Huck It
Memorial SWSpace Oddities98Surgical Cuts
Trillium EFROG136Pretty Kitties
Trillium EGritty in Pink712Those Meddling Kids
Trillium WFanny Pack Attack!613Minions
Trillium WPrincess Layout912Despicable Me
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuckuna Matata1412Identity Crisis
BalaclavaThe Marauders1113Friends of Friends
Churchill OvalDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1310Illegal Smile
Churchill OvalFlickatchus913friendzone
Kingcrest90s Throwback1011Gentle Warriors
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone713Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial ODiscalicious135Fat & Furious
Memorial ORocky Mountain Bear Huckers105Classy as Huck
Oak MeadowsAnother Awesome Dump134Avacado Alliance
Oak MeadowsNaughty Neighbors813Rookie Monsters
Rupert CCritters138WhaTheHuck?
Rupert CTeam Adequate127Ultimate BBT Too
Van Tech OvalGame of Throws613Wii (not) Fit?
Van Tech OvalJokers513DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CBC Black139The Greendale 7
Winona CFullmetal136Gator Bait
Winona NKingsway's Finest138Victorious Secret
Winona SCarnage913Walt Discney 4
Winona SDark Side Of The Disc1311Frisbae
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESkywalkers713Chronic Injury
Andy Livingstone EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!135Just a Fling
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys413Surgical Cuts
Memorial SWSpace Oddities109Huck It
Trillium EFROG69Those Meddling Kids
Trillium EGritty in Pink83Pretty Kitties
Trillium WFanny Pack Attack!313Despicable Me
Trillium WPrincess Layout97Minions
Tue Jun 14
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBC Black139Walt Discney 4
Churchill OvalCarnage98The Greendale 7
Churchill OvalDark Side Of The Disc136Gator Bait
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledFriends of Friends
KingcrestFlickatchusCancelledIdentity Crisis
Memorial OFanny Pack Attack!713Those Meddling Kids
Memorial OPrincess Layout1110Pretty Kitties
Oak MeadowsSkywalkers911Wii (not) Fit?
Oak MeadowsThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!69DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert CHuckuna MatataCancelledfriendzone
Rupert CThe Marauders109Illegal Smile
Van Tech Oval90s Throwback119Ultimate BBT Too
Van Tech OvalPlaid to the Bone135WhaTheHuck?
Winona CDisc Monkeys1010Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona CSpace Oddities95Discalicious
Winona NGame of Throws123Chronic Injury
Winona NJokers134Just a Fling
Winona SFLICK YEAH88Classy as Huck
Winona SThe Frisbee's Knees89Fat & Furious
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWSurgical Cuts1410Huck It
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECritters812Flickle Me Elmo
Andy Livingstone ETeam Adequate134Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWFROG127Despicable Me
Memorial SWGritty in Pink98Minions
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump104ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium ENaughty Neighbors310Victorious Secret
Trillium WDiscpicable Me1112Avacado Alliance
Trillium WKingsway's Finest1011Rookie Monsters
7:30 pmBalaclavaBC Black130Frisbae
BalaclavaFullmetal138Walt Discney 4
Churchill OvalCarnageGator Bait
Churchill OvalDark Side Of The Disc136The Greendale 7
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledIdentity Crisis
KingcrestFlickatchusCancelledFriends of Friends
Memorial OFanny Pack Attack!1312Pretty Kitties
Memorial OPrincess Layout78Those Meddling Kids
Oak MeadowsSkywalkers109DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!1112Wii (not) Fit?
Rupert CHuckuna MatataCancelledIllegal Smile
Rupert CThe Marauders1312friendzone
Van Tech Oval90s Throwback139WhaTheHuck?
Van Tech OvalPlaid to the Bone138Ultimate BBT Too
Winona CDisc Monkeys910Discalicious
Winona CSpace Oddities138Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona NGame of Throws135Just a Fling
Winona NJokers1314Chronic Injury
Winona SFLICK YEAH109Fat & Furious
Winona SThe Frisbee's Knees108Classy as Huck
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECritters134Gentle Warriors
Andy Livingstone ETeam Adequate134Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial SWFROG138Minions
Memorial SWGritty in Pink712Despicable Me
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump104Victorious Secret
Trillium ENaughty Neighbors98ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium WDiscpicable Me74Rookie Monsters
Trillium WKingsway's Finest97Avacado Alliance
Tue Jun 21
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFLICK YEAH129Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
BalaclavaThe Frisbee's Knees103Discalicious
Churchill OvalHuck It125Fat & Furious
Churchill OvalSurgical Cuts107Classy as Huck
KingcrestGator BaitThe Greendale 7
KingcrestWalt Discney 4812Frisbae
Memorial OAvacado Alliance 1311Rookie Monsters
Memorial OVictorious Secret125ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Oak Meadows90s Throwback513Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsCritters713Team Adequate
Rupert CBC Black1310Fullmetal
Rupert CDark Side Of The Disc1310Carnage
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis138Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile1012friendzone
Winona CDespicable Me119Minions
Winona CPretty Kitties119Those Meddling Kids
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo109Gentle Warriors
Winona NUltimate BBT Too98WhaTheHuck?
Winona SFROG105Gritty in Pink
Winona SPrincess Layout75Fanny Pack Attack!
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWSpace Oddities1110Disc Monkeys
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickatchus810Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders139Huckuna Matata
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me1013Kingsway's Finest
Memorial SWNaughty Neighbors413Another Awesome Dump
Trillium EGame of Throws128Jokers
Trillium EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!513Skywalkers
Trillium WChronic Injury1311Just a Fling
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno1210Wii (not) Fit?
7:30 pmBalaclavaFLICK YEAH134Discalicious
BalaclavaThe Frisbee's Knees513Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Churchill OvalHuck It134Classy as Huck
Churchill OvalSurgical Cuts134Fat & Furious
KingcrestGator Bait913Frisbae
KingcrestWalt Discney 4913The Greendale 7
Memorial OAvacado Alliance 911ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial OVictorious Secret108Rookie Monsters
Oak Meadows90s Throwback413Team Adequate
Oak MeadowsCritters713Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CBC Black137Carnage
Rupert CDark Side Of The Disc1013Fullmetal
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis1412friendzone
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile1013Friends of Friends
Winona CDespicable Me1013Those Meddling Kids
Winona CPretty Kitties1112Minions
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo98WhaTheHuck?
Winona NUltimate BBT Too613Gentle Warriors
Winona SFROG94Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona SPrincess Layout76Gritty in Pink
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickatchus613Huckuna Matata
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders1310Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me1112Another Awesome Dump
Memorial SWNaughty Neighbors1212Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EGame of Throws134Skywalkers
Trillium EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!811Jokers
Trillium WChronic Injury1010Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno117Just a Fling
Tue Jun 28
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAvacado Alliance 67Princess Layout
BalaclavaNaughty Neighbors413Despicable Me
Churchill OvalGritty in Pink76Space Oddities
Churchill OvalMinions96Fanny Pack Attack!
KingcrestPretty Kitties106Huck It
KingcrestSurgical Cuts1113FLICK YEAH
Memorial OChronic Injury913Jokers
Memorial OThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!119Kingsway's Finest
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis116Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders139Friends of Friends
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers610Classy as Huck
Rupert CThe Frisbee's Knees97Discalicious
Van Tech OvalDark Side Of The Disc139Carnage
Van Tech OvalFullmetal1113BC Black
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump117Rookie Monsters
Winona CJust a Fling513Discpicable Me
Winona Nfriendzone135Team Adequate
Winona NHuckuna Matata133Flickatchus
Winona SULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION711Those Meddling Kids
Winona SVictorious Secret88FROG
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWFat & Furious1212Disc Monkeys
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Greendale 7513Frisbae
Andy Livingstone EWalt Discney 4119Gator Bait
Memorial SWUltimate BBT Too613Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial SWWhaTheHuck?613Skywalkers
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo108Gentle Warriors
Trillium EIllegal Smile713Critters
Trillium W90s Throwback611Game of Throws
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone131DiscThrow Inferno
7:30 pmBalaclavaAvacado Alliance 513Despicable Me
BalaclavaNaughty Neighbors78Princess Layout
Churchill OvalGritty in Pink911Fanny Pack Attack!
Churchill OvalMinions711Space Oddities
KingcrestPretty Kitties1013FLICK YEAH
KingcrestSurgical Cuts311Huck It
Memorial OChronic Injury713Kingsway's Finest
Memorial OThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!1210Jokers
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis136Friends of Friends
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders713Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers135Discalicious
Rupert CThe Frisbee's Knees96Classy as Huck
Van Tech OvalDark Side Of The Disc913BC Black
Van Tech OvalFullmetal138Carnage
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump713Discpicable Me
Winona CJust a Fling79Rookie Monsters
Winona Nfriendzone1314Flickatchus
Winona NHuckuna Matata136Team Adequate
Winona SVictorious Secret1112Those Meddling Kids
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Greendale 7610Gator Bait
Andy Livingstone EWalt Discney 41112Frisbae
Memorial SWUltimate BBT Too813Skywalkers
Memorial SWWhaTheHuck?813Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo96Critters
Trillium EIllegal Smile1011Gentle Warriors
Trillium W90s Throwback812DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone1212Game of Throws
Tue Jul 5
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump129ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
BalaclavaJust a FlingDefaultVictorious Secret
Churchill OvalDiscpicable Me135FROG
Churchill OvalRookie Monsters1012Those Meddling Kids
KingcrestAvacado Alliance 97Gritty in Pink
KingcrestNaughty Neighbors76Minions
Memorial OCritters137DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial OGentle Warriors713Game of Throws
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc1112Walt Discney 4
Oak MeadowsFullmetal135The Greendale 7
Rupert CDespicable Me137Fanny Pack Attack!
Rupert CPrincess Layout57Space Oddities
Van Tech OvalFLICK YEAH1012Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Van Tech OvalHuck It413The Frisbee's Knees
Winona CUltimate BBT Too133Chronic Injury
Winona CWhaTheHuck?137Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona NBC Black139Frisbae
Winona NCarnageGator Bait
Winona SSkywalkers109Kingsway's Finest
Winona SWii (not) Fit?138Jokers
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWPretty Kitties912Surgical Cuts
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EClassy as Huck135Disc Monkeys
Andy Livingstone EDiscalicious411Fat & Furious
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo6890s Throwback
Memorial SWIllegal Smile613Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EIdentity Crisis136friendzone
Trillium EThe Marauders513Huckuna Matata
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back97Team Adequate
Trillium WFriends of Friends86Flickatchus
7:30 pmBalaclavaAnother Awesome Dump1310Victorious Secret
BalaclavaJust a FlingDefaultULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Churchill OvalDiscpicable Me913Those Meddling Kids
Churchill OvalRookie Monsters913FROG
KingcrestAvacado Alliance 1210Minions
KingcrestNaughty Neighbors137Gritty in Pink
Memorial OCritters139Game of Throws
Memorial OGentle Warriors1013DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc1311The Greendale 7
Oak MeadowsFullmetal137Walt Discney 4
Rupert CDespicable Me135Space Oddities
Rupert CPrincess Layout56Fanny Pack Attack!
Van Tech OvalFLICK YEAH1010The Frisbee's Knees
Van Tech OvalHuck It1013Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona CUltimate BBT Too137Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona CWhaTheHuck?1311Chronic Injury
Winona NBC Black1311Gator Bait
Winona NCarnageFrisbae
Winona SSkywalkers73Jokers
Winona SWii (not) Fit?116Kingsway's Finest
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EClassy as Huck68Fat & Furious
Andy Livingstone EDiscalicious211Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo413Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWIllegal Smile81390s Throwback
Trillium EIdentity Crisis913Huckuna Matata
Trillium EThe Marauders139friendzone
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back810Flickatchus
Trillium WFriends of Friends99Team Adequate
Tue Jul 12
6:00 pm
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too86Jokers
BalaclavaWhaTheHuck?128Kingsway's Finest
Churchill OvalSkywalkers95Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Churchill OvalWii (not) Fit?139Chronic Injury
KingcrestAnother Awesome Dump139Those Meddling Kids
KingcrestJust a Fling138FROG
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1210friendzone
Memorial OFriends of Friends138Huckuna Matata
Oak MeadowsPretty Kitties116Fat & Furious
Oak MeadowsSurgical Cuts132Disc Monkeys
Rupert CDiscpicable Me1213Victorious Secret
Van Tech OvalAvacado Alliance 134Space Oddities
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors713Fanny Pack Attack!
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo411Game of Throws
Winona CIllegal Smile1010DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NFLICK YEAH107Classy as Huck
Winona NHuck It1211Discalicious
Winona SCritters813Plaid to the Bone
Winona SGentle Warriors11890s Throwback
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWThe Frisbee's Knees1211Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDespicable Me910Minions
Andy Livingstone EPrincess Layout510Gritty in Pink
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis137Team Adequate
Memorial SWThe Marauders106Flickatchus
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc136Gator Bait
Trillium EFullmetal137Frisbae
Trillium WBC Black135The Greendale 7
Trillium WCarnage119Walt Discney 4
7:30 pmBalaclavaUltimate BBT Too139Kingsway's Finest
Churchill OvalSkywalkers1310Chronic Injury
Churchill OvalWii (not) Fit?137Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
KingcrestAnother Awesome Dump139FROG
KingcrestJust a Fling913Those Meddling Kids
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back911Huckuna Matata
Memorial OFriends of Friends139friendzone
Oak MeadowsPretty Kitties134Disc Monkeys
Oak MeadowsSurgical Cuts115Fat & Furious
Rupert CRookie Monsters1310Victorious Secret
Van Tech OvalAvacado Alliance 1113Fanny Pack Attack!
Van Tech OvalNaughty Neighbors135Space Oddities
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo1012DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CIllegal Smile613Game of Throws
Winona NFLICK YEAH126Discalicious
Winona NHuck It88Classy as Huck
Winona SCritters13490s Throwback
Winona SGentle Warriors913Plaid to the Bone
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDespicable Me810Gritty in Pink
Andy Livingstone EPrincess Layout810Minions
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis135Flickatchus
Memorial SWThe Marauders1011Team Adequate
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc137Frisbae
Trillium EFullmetal137Gator Bait
Trillium WBC Black1311Walt Discney 4
Trillium WCarnageThe Greendale 7
Tue Jul 19
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCritters139Gentle Warriors
BalaclavaIllegal Smile511Flickle Me Elmo
Churchill OvalDiscThrow Inferno135Game of Throws
Churchill OvalPlaid to the Bone10590s Throwback
KingcrestUltimate BBT Too138WhaTheHuck?
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?Skywalkers
Memorial OFrisbae613Gator Bait
Memorial OThe Greendale 7712Walt Discney 4
Oak MeadowsDespicable Me136Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsNaughty Neighbors613Avacado Alliance
Rupert CChronic Injury139Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert CJokers810Kingsway's Finest
Van Tech OvalDiscpicable Me134Rookie Monsters
Van Tech OvalJust a Fling413Another Awesome Dump
Winona CFriends of Friends136Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona CThe Marauders711Identity Crisis
Winona NFanny Pack Attack!87Space Oddities
Winona NMinions68Gritty in Pink
Winona SFlickatchus1011Team Adequate
Winona SHuckuna Matata1011friendzone
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWHuck It1217FLICK YEAH
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFROG513Those Meddling Kids
Andy Livingstone EVictorious Secret133ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Memorial SWBC Black139Carnage
Memorial SWFullmetal138Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium EPretty Kitties134Discalicious
Trillium ESurgical Cuts96Classy as Huck
Trillium WRocky Mountain Bear Huckers134Disc Monkeys
Trillium WThe Frisbee's Knees106Fat & Furious
7:30 pmBalaclavaCritters1310Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaIllegal Smile1012Gentle Warriors
Churchill OvalDiscThrow Inferno131190s Throwback
Churchill OvalPlaid to the Bone136Game of Throws
KingcrestUltimate BBT Too138Skywalkers
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?WhaTheHuck?
Memorial OFrisbae813Walt Discney 4
Memorial OThe Greendale 7613Gator Bait
Oak MeadowsDespicable Me136Avacado Alliance
Oak MeadowsNaughty Neighbors910Princess Layout
Rupert CChronic Injury136Kingsway's Finest
Rupert CJokers813Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Van Tech OvalDiscpicable Me136Another Awesome Dump
Van Tech OvalJust a Fling1113Rookie Monsters
Winona CFriends of Friends137Identity Crisis
Winona CThe Marauders813Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona NFanny Pack Attack!911Gritty in Pink
Winona NMinions135Space Oddities
Winona SFlickatchus1311friendzone
Winona SHuckuna Matata129Team Adequate
Andy Livingstone EVictorious Secret911Those Meddling Kids
Memorial SWBC Black1311Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial SWFullmetal1310Carnage
Trillium EPretty Kitties126Classy as Huck
Trillium ESurgical Cuts84Discalicious
Trillium WRocky Mountain Bear Huckers104Fat & Furious
Trillium WThe Frisbee's Knees67Disc Monkeys
Tue Jul 26
6:00 pm
Memorial OClassy as Huck412Disc Monkeys
Memorial OHuck It133Discalicious
6:30 pmBalaclavaDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1517Flickatchus
BalaclavaHuckuna Matata1710friendzone
Churchill OvalFriends of Friends1716The Marauders
Churchill OvalIdentity Crisis1716Team Adequate
KingcrestGame of Throws617Gentle Warriors
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone1712Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsRookie Monsters1712Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsThose Meddling Kids178Just a Fling
Rupert CCritters171290s Throwback
Rupert CDiscThrow Inferno912Flickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWFLICK YEAH177The Frisbee's Knees
Van Tech OvalWhaTheHuck?179Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Van Tech OvalWii (not) Fit?1714Chronic Injury
Winona CBC Black155The Greendale 7
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc176Gator Bait
Winona NAnother Awesome Dump177ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona NDiscpicable Me1713FROG
Winona SFullmetal1713Carnage
Winona SWalt Discney 41217Frisbae
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESkywalkers1714Kingsway's Finest
Andy Livingstone EUltimate BBT Too1715Jokers
Memorial SWRocky Mountain Bear Huckers910Fat & Furious
Memorial SWSurgical Cuts118Pretty Kitties
Trillium EDespicable Me1714Space Oddities
Trillium EFanny Pack Attack!1217Naughty Neighbors
Trillium WGritty in Pink615Princess Layout
Trillium WMinions179Avacado Alliance
7:30 pmMemorial ODisc Monkeys122Discalicious
Memorial OHuck It124Classy as Huck
8:30 pmMemorial SWRocky Mountain Bear Huckers1011Pretty Kitties
Memorial SWSurgical Cuts117Fat & Furious
Tue Aug 2
6:00 pm
Winona CDisc Monkeys133Discalicious
Winona CHuck It130Classy as Huck
6:30 pmBalaclavaBC Black (A105)Dark Side Of The Disc
Churchill OvalThe Greendale 71714Gator Bait
Churchill OvalWalt Discney 41417Carnage
Killarney CDiscThrow Inferno171190s Throwback
Killarney CIllegal Smile179Game of Throws
KingcrestFriends of Friends1417Identity Crisis
KingcrestHuckuna Matata1713Flickatchus
Memorial OAvacado Alliance 178Gritty in Pink
Memorial OSpace Oddities917Fanny Pack Attack!
Oak MeadowsUltimate BBT Too1217Skywalkers
Oak MeadowsWii (not) Fit?1417WhaTheHuck?
Rupert Cfriendzone178Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Rupert CThe Marauders1017Team Adequate
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo1715Critters
Van Tech OvalPlaid to the Bone177Gentle Warriors
Winona NChronic Injury178Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona NJokers1714Kingsway's Finest
Winona SRocky Mountain Bear Huckers1712Pretty Kitties
Winona SSurgical Cuts173Fat & Furious
7:00 pmMemorial SWDespicable Me1711Naughty Neighbors
Memorial SWMinions1210Princess Layout
Trillium EAnother Awesome Dump1715Discpicable Me
Trillium EThose Meddling Kids1417Rookie Monsters
Trillium WJust a Fling917Victorious Secret
7:30 pmWinona CFLICK YEAH613Huck It
Winona CThe Frisbee's Knees137Disc Monkeys
Tue Aug 9
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHuck It1210Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
BalaclavaThe Frisbee's Knees79Surgical Cuts
Churchill OvalClassy as Huck (G111)Pretty Kitties
Churchill OvalDiscalicious (G112)Fat & Furious
6:30 pmKillarney CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back (B112)The Marauders
Killarney Cfriendzone1417Team Adequate
KingcrestW: A105 (A109)Fullmetal
KingcrestDark Side Of The Disc (A110)Frisbae
Memorial OVictorious Secret1613FROG
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors1317Critters
Oak MeadowsPlaid to the Bone1710Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CGator Bait (A112)Walt Discney 4
Rupert CThe Greendale 7 (A111)Carnage
Trafalgar NWFLICK YEAH (G115)Disc Monkeys
Van Tech OvalFlickatchus717Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalHuckuna Matata1710Identity Crisis
Winona CDespicable Me1713Minions
Winona CNaughty Neighbors1513Princess Layout
Winona NGame of Throws131190s Throwback
Winona NIllegal Smile1710DiscThrow Inferno
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!1117Avacado Alliance
Winona SSpace Oddities98Gritty in Pink
7:00 pmMemorial SWRookie Monsters917Another Awesome Dump
Memorial SWThose Meddling Kids317Discpicable Me
Trillium EWhaTheHuck?1714Skywalkers
Trillium EWii (not) Fit? (D110)Ultimate BBT Too
Trillium WChronic Injury1917Jokers
Trillium WThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!617Kingsway's Finest
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuck It137Surgical Cuts
BalaclavaRocky Mountain Bear Huckers137The Frisbee's Knees
Churchill OvalW: G111 (G113)W: G112
Churchill OvalL: G111 (G114)L: G112
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