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Sat Sep 12
10:00 am
CamosunDeez Nuts118Doggie Style
CamosunOld Skool313Grass Stains
Columbia CKnights613Sippin Sunshine
Columbia CSure-wood913Hobbits
Columbia SFreak Show137TJ's Hookers
Killarney CBanana Cutters513burning crabs
Killarney CHappy Stripes713Nacho Friends
KingcrestChester Fields136Discs N' Roses
Memorial OBig Red Ford135Rock Hard
Memorial OPura Vida132Just Donut
Oak MeadowsBig Slick97Dream Big Like a Dolphin
RiverfrontCha Siu Baos513Blue Steel
RiverfrontFeed the Screaming Junk127PULSE
Tisdall NAlarming Disc-colouration713Sneaky Peaches
Tisdall NKiller Bees712The Breakfast Club
Trafalgar NWMushBOOM137HuckBunnies
Trafalgar NWWhat is a Frisbee?99Fletch
Van Tech OvalThe Juicy Chickens104H.A.M.M.E.R.
Van Tech OvalTutus are Awesome135Huckin' Around
Winona NBrown and Sticky131Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
11:30 amCamosunDeez Nuts313Grass Stains
CamosunOld Skool1112Doggie Style
Columbia CKnights613Hobbits
Columbia CSure-wood135Sippin Sunshine
Killarney CBanana Cutters612Nacho Friends
Killarney CHappy Stripes113burning crabs
Memorial OBig Red Ford135Just Donut
Memorial OPura Vida134Rock Hard
RiverfrontCha Siu Baos610PULSE
RiverfrontFeed the Screaming Junk1211Blue Steel
Tisdall NAlarming Disc-colouration713The Breakfast Club
Tisdall NKiller Bees213Sneaky Peaches
Trafalgar NWMushBOOM1012Fletch
Trafalgar NWWhat is a Frisbee?118HuckBunnies
Van Tech OvalThe Juicy Chickens513Huckin' Around
Van Tech OvalTutus are Awesome138H.A.M.M.E.R.
1:00 pmKillarney CCake or Pie?Nuke The Fridge
Killarney CLightning135The Nevernudes
Memorial OSuperfriends1213Wafflehouse
Memorial OThe Gay Stormtroopers133stibboH
2:30 pmKillarney CCake or Pie?1013The Nevernudes
Killarney CLightning105Nuke The Fridge
Memorial OSuperfriends138stibboH
Memorial OThe Gay Stormtroopers132Wafflehouse
Sun Sep 13
10:00 am
CamosunBritches 'N Hose138Dirty Sanchez
CamosunTalk Nerdy To Me913Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Killarney CBetty Cracker1112Turf Burners
Killarney CLucky Charms139Flikerish
Memorial OKarmavoresDefaultTeam Awesome
Memorial OLikastik813Bzzrs
Oak MeadowsPrincess Layout611Newbulous
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows513For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Trafalgar NWIt's a good time for business time133Norfolk-n-Good
Winona CFullmetal Ultimists132Flick N Twisted II
Winona CSlippery When Wet85Trudeaumania
Winona NDisgraced rockstars135Slow Egregious Swilly Children
Winona NpHoebe HaAshBar133Discombobulators
Winona SSquid Wranglers913Disc Comfort
11:30 amCamosunBritches 'N Hose137Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
CamosunTalk Nerdy To Me85Dirty Sanchez
Killarney CBetty Cracker213Flikerish
Killarney CLucky Charms89Turf Burners
Memorial OKarmavores119Bzzrs
Memorial OLikastikCancelledTeam Awesome
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows136Norfolk-n-Good
Trafalgar NWIt's a good time for business time105For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Winona CFullmetal Ultimists132Trudeaumania
Winona CSlippery When Wet116Flick N Twisted II
Winona NDisgraced rockstars134Discombobulators
Winona NpHoebe HaAshBar136Slow Egregious Swilly Children
1:00 pmKillarney CHand of Chal78Ultimatum
Killarney CTeamocil124Mischief
Memorial OMisfit137Legion
Memorial OSuperSmashBros1311theteamthatshallremainnameless
Winona CThe Great Huck Forward131Just Hammers
Winona CWhatevs116High Score Victory Group
Winona NFlick My Life87CanHucks
Winona NIt Takes Two To Huck813Soup du Jour
2:30 pmKillarney CHand of Chal1010Mischief
Killarney CTeamocil413Ultimatum
Memorial OMisfit134theteamthatshallremainnameless
Memorial OSuperSmashBros1213Legion
Winona CThe Great Huck Forward117High Score Victory Group
Winona CWhatevs112Just Hammers
Winona NFlick My Life1312Soup du Jour
Winona NIt Takes Two To Huck310CanHucks
Sat Sep 19
10:00 am
CamosunKnights810Killer Bees
CamosunSure-wood119Alarming Disc-colouration
Columbia CBig Red Ford132Happy Stripes
Columbia CPura Vida136Banana Cutters
Columbia SFletch137HuckBunnies
Killarney CH.A.M.M.E.R.97Blue Steel
Killarney CHuckin' Around118PULSE
KingcrestWhat is a Frisbee?913MushBOOM
Memorial OThe Juicy Chickens135Cha Siu Baos
Memorial OTutus are Awesome133Feed the Screaming Junk
Oak MeadowsDeez Nuts135Old Skool
Rupert SChester Fields127Freak Show
Rupert SDiscs N' Roses313TJ's Hookers
Tisdall NJust DonutCancelledburning crabs
Tisdall NRock HardCancelledNacho Friends
Trafalgar NWHobbitsCancelledSneaky Peaches
Trafalgar NWSippin Sunshine713The Breakfast Club
Van Tech OvalBig Slick1110Brown and Sticky
Van Tech OvalDream Big Like a Dolphin213Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona NDoggie Style413Grass Stains
11:30 amCamosunKnights77Alarming Disc-colouration
CamosunSure-wood135Killer Bees
Columbia CBig Red Ford127Banana Cutters
Columbia CPura Vida134Happy Stripes
Killarney CH.A.M.M.E.R.74PULSE
Killarney CHuckin' Around98Blue Steel
Memorial OThe Juicy Chickens135Feed the Screaming Junk
Memorial OTutus are AwesomeCha Siu Baos
Rupert SChester Fields612TJ's Hookers
Rupert SDiscs N' Roses813Freak Show
Tisdall NJust DonutCancelledNacho Friends
Tisdall NRock HardCancelledburning crabs
Trafalgar NWHobbits611The Breakfast Club
Trafalgar NWSippin SunshineCancelledSneaky Peaches
Van Tech OvalBig Slick911Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Van Tech OvalDream Big Like a Dolphin313Brown and Sticky
1:00 pmCamosunSuperfriends138Lightning
CamosunThe Gay Stormtroopers130Cake or Pie?
Trafalgar NWstibboH131Nuke The Fridge
Trafalgar NWWafflehouse131The Nevernudes
2:30 pmCamosunSuperfriends136Cake or Pie?
CamosunThe Gay Stormtroopers132Lightning
Trafalgar NWstibboH136The Nevernudes
Trafalgar NWWafflehouse131Nuke The Fridge
Sun Sep 20
10:00 am
CamosunDisgraced rockstars1112Fullmetal Ultimists
CamosunpHoebe HaAshBar134Slippery When Wet
Killarney CFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy131Princess Layout
Killarney CNorfolk-n-Good1110Newbulous
Memorial ODirty Sanchez1212It's a good time for business time
Memorial OTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion129Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsTalk Nerdy To Me1013Britches 'N Hose
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators1210Trudeaumania
Trafalgar NWSlow Egregious Swilly Children1312Flick N Twisted II
Winona CFlikerishCancelledSquid Wranglers
Winona CTurf Burners813Disc Comfort
Winona NBzzrsCancelledLucky Charms
Winona NTeam Awesome313Betty Cracker
Winona SLikastik1513Karmavores
11:30 amCamosunDisgraced rockstars135Slippery When Wet
CamosunpHoebe HaAshBar913Fullmetal Ultimists
Killarney CFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy130Newbulous
Killarney CNorfolk-n-Good135Princess Layout
Memorial ODirty Sanchez119Harshmellows
Memorial OTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion118It's a good time for business time
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators96Flick N Twisted II
Trafalgar NWSlow Egregious Swilly Children136Trudeaumania
Winona CFlikerishCancelledDisc Comfort
Winona CTurf BurnersPostponedSquid Wranglers
Winona NBzzrsCancelledBetty Cracker
Winona NTeam AwesomeCancelledLucky Charms
1:00 pmCamosunFlick My Life109Whatevs
CamosunIt Takes Two To Huck1013The Great Huck Forward
Trafalgar NWCanHucks97High Score Victory Group
Trafalgar NWSoup du Jour132Just Hammers
Winona CLegion98Ultimatum
Winona Ctheteamthatshallremainnameless131Mischief
Winona NMisfit136Hand of Chal
Winona NSuperSmashBrosDefaultTeamocil
2:30 pmCamosunFlick My Life910The Great Huck Forward
CamosunIt Takes Two To Huck1310Whatevs
Trafalgar NWCanHucks132Just Hammers
Trafalgar NWSoup du Jour136High Score Victory Group
Winona CLegion107Mischief
Winona Ctheteamthatshallremainnameless137Ultimatum
Winona NMisfit134Teamocil
Winona NSuperSmashBrosDefaultHand of Chal
Sat Sep 26
10:00 am
CamosunBig Red Ford139Nacho Friends
CamosunPura Vida513burning crabs
Columbia CThe Juicy Chickens104Blue Steel
Columbia CTutus are Awesome131PULSE
Columbia SSneaky Peaches137The Breakfast Club
Killarney CBrown and Sticky58Freak Show
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)84TJ's Hookers
KingcrestAlarming Disc-colouration135Killer Bees
Memorial OBig Slick139Chester Fields
Memorial ODream Big Like a Dolphin108Discs N' Roses
Oak MeadowsSure-wood139Knights
Rupert SDoggie Style611Fletch
Rupert SGrass StainsCancelledHuckBunnies
Tisdall NH.A.M.M.E.R.131Cha Siu Baos
Tisdall NHuckin' Around1012Feed the Screaming Junk
Trafalgar NWJust Donut113Banana Cutters
Trafalgar NWRock HardCancelledHappy Stripes
Van Tech OvalDeez Nuts59What is a Frisbee?
Van Tech OvalOld Skool413MushBOOM
Winona NHobbits1311Sippin Sunshine
11:30 amCamosunBig Red Ford413burning crabs
CamosunPura Vida135Nacho Friends
Columbia CThe Juicy Chickens125PULSE
Columbia CTutus are Awesome130Blue Steel
Killarney CBrown and Sticky85TJ's Hookers
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)24Freak Show
Memorial OBig Slick137Discs N' Roses
Memorial ODream Big Like a Dolphin104Chester Fields
Rupert SDoggie Style113HuckBunnies
Rupert SGrass StainsCancelledFletch
Tisdall NH.A.M.M.E.R.813Feed the Screaming Junk
Tisdall NHuckin' Around133Cha Siu Baos
Trafalgar NWJust Donut105Happy Stripes
Trafalgar NWRock Hard102Banana Cutters
Van Tech OvalDeez Nuts78MushBOOM
Van Tech OvalOld Skool310What is a Frisbee?
1:00 pmColumbia CstibboH613Cake or Pie?
Columbia CWafflehouse1311Lightning
Van Tech OvalSuperfriends97The Nevernudes
Van Tech OvalThe Gay Stormtroopers131Nuke The Fridge
2:30 pmColumbia CstibboH812Lightning
Columbia CWafflehouse74Cake or Pie?
Van Tech OvalSuperfriends125Nuke The Fridge
Van Tech OvalThe Gay Stormtroopers131The Nevernudes
Sun Sep 27
10:00 am
CamosunKarmavores811Disc Comfort
CamosunLikastik811Squid Wranglers
Killarney CDiscombobulators710Slippery When Wet
Killarney CSlow Egregious Swilly Children513Fullmetal Ultimists
Memorial ODisgraced rockstars132Flick N Twisted II
Memorial OpHoebe HaAshBar131Trudeaumania
Oak MeadowsLucky Charms135Betty Cracker
Trafalgar NWBzzrs913Flikerish
Trafalgar NWTeam Awesome98Turf Burners
Winona CDirty Sanchez138Norfolk-n-Good
Winona CTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion713For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Winona NBritches 'N Hose910Newbulous
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me91Princess Layout
Winona SHarshmellows811It's a good time for business time
11:30 amCamosunKarmavores139Squid Wranglers
CamosunLikastik610Disc Comfort
Killarney CDiscombobulators613Fullmetal Ultimists
Killarney CSlow Egregious Swilly Children108Slippery When Wet
Memorial ODisgraced rockstars134Trudeaumania
Memorial OpHoebe HaAshBar137Flick N Twisted II
Trafalgar NWBzzrs135Turf Burners
Trafalgar NWTeam Awesome1310Flikerish
Winona CDirty Sanchez1310For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Winona CTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1311Norfolk-n-Good
Winona NBritches 'N Hose114Princess Layout
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me810Newbulous
1:00 pmCamosunMisfitUltimatum
Columbia CCanHucks139Soup du Jour
Columbia SHigh Score Victory Group131Just Hammers
Oak MeadowsWhatevs813The Great Huck Forward
Trafalgar NWLegion36Hand of Chal
Trafalgar NWtheteamthatshallremainnameless136Teamocil
Winona SFlick My Life116It Takes Two To Huck
2:30 pmCamosunMisfit136Mischief
Trafalgar NWLegion913Teamocil
Trafalgar NWtheteamthatshallremainnameless138Hand of Chal
Sat Oct 3
10:00 am
CamosunHuckin' Around134H.A.M.M.E.R.
CamosunTutus are Awesome133The Juicy Chickens
Columbia CBig Slick813Freak Show
Columbia CDream Big Like a Dolphin108TJ's Hookers
Columbia SNacho Friends713burning crabs
Killarney CDoggie Style311What is a Frisbee?
Killarney CGrass Stains1311MushBOOM
KingcrestHappy Stripes1013Banana Cutters
Memorial ODeez Nuts135Fletch
Memorial OOld Skool610HuckBunnies
Oak MeadowsBig Red Ford913Pura Vida
Rupert SHobbits138Alarming Disc-colouration
Rupert SSippin Sunshine813Killer Bees
Tisdall NBrown and Sticky135Chester Fields
Tisdall NXuing Xuang (Ruckus)DefaultDiscs N' Roses
Trafalgar NWFeed the Screaming Junk134Cha Siu Baos
Trafalgar NWPULSE134Blue Steel
Van Tech OvalKnights613The Breakfast Club
Van Tech OvalSure-wood511Sneaky Peaches
Winona NRock Hard136Just Donut
11:30 amColumbia CBig Slick138TJ's Hookers
Columbia CDream Big Like a Dolphin107Freak Show
Killarney CDoggie Style413MushBOOM
Killarney CGrass Stains1011What is a Frisbee?
Memorial ODeez Nuts137HuckBunnies
Memorial OOld Skool413Fletch
Rupert SHobbits1310Killer Bees
Rupert SSippin SunshineCancelledAlarming Disc-colouration
Tisdall NBrown and Sticky134Discs N' Roses
Tisdall NXuing Xuang (Ruckus)710Chester Fields
Van Tech OvalKnightsDefaultSneaky Peaches
Van Tech OvalSure-wood913The Breakfast Club
1:00 pmColumbia SThe Nevernudes1317Nuke The Fridge
Oak MeadowsSuperfriends313The Gay Stormtroopers
Rupert SLightningCake or Pie?
Winona NWafflehouse99stibboH
Sun Oct 4
10:00 am
CamosunBritches 'N Hose108Norfolk-n-Good
CamosunTalk Nerdy To Me613For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Columbia CDisgraced rockstars813pHoebe HaAshBar
Columbia CSlow Egregious Swilly Children713Discombobulators
Columbia SFlick N Twisted II1311Trudeaumania
Killarney CBetty Cracker1310Disc Comfort
Killarney CLucky Charms1310Squid Wranglers
KingcrestFullmetal Ultimists136Slippery When Wet
Memorial OKarmavores1210Turf Burners
Memorial OLikastik135Flikerish
Oak MeadowsTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1011Dirty Sanchez
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows131Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWIt's a good time for business time93Newbulous
Winona SBzzrsCancelledTeam Awesome
11:30 amCamosunBritches 'N Hose613For a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
CamosunTalk Nerdy To Me106Norfolk-n-Good
Killarney CBetty Cracker136Squid Wranglers
Killarney CLucky Charms713Disc Comfort
Memorial OKarmavores1310Flikerish
Memorial OLikastik136Turf Burners
Trafalgar NWHarshmellows137Newbulous
Trafalgar NWIt's a good time for business time132Princess Layout
1:00 pmColumbia CCanHucks510Whatevs
Columbia CSoup du Jour138The Great Huck Forward
Columbia Ctheteamthatshallremainnameless1511Legion
Columbia SMischief1415Ultimatum
Oak MeadowsTeamocil613Hand of Chal
Winona SFlick My Life95High Score Victory Group
Winona SIt Takes Two To Huck133Just Hammers
Winona SSuperSmashBros713Misfit
2:30 pmColumbia CCanHucks510The Great Huck Forward
Columbia CSoup du Jour138Whatevs
Winona SFlick My Life132Just Hammers
Winona SIt Takes Two To Huck138High Score Victory Group
Sat Oct 24
10:00 am
CamosunDiscs N' Roses1112Huckin' Around
CamosunThe Juicy Chickens139Feed the Screaming Junk
Columbia CAlarming Disc-colouration133Deez Nuts
Columbia CKiller Bees1311Sippin Sunshine
Killarney CGrass StainsCancelledMushBOOM
Killarney CWhat is a Frisbee?CancelledFletch
KingcrestDream Big Like a Dolphin137Chester Fields
RiverfrontBanana Cutters138Hobbits
RiverfrontHappy StripesCancelledSure-wood
Rupert SJust Donut1312Sneaky Peaches
Rupert SRock Hard1311The Breakfast Club
Sunrise ParkTJ's Hookers313Tutus are Awesome
Tisdall NKnights135Doggie Style
Tisdall NOld Skool313Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.Blue Steel
Trafalgar NWPULSE133Cha Siu Baos
Van Tech Ovalburning crabsBig Red Ford
Van Tech OvalPura Vida135Nacho Friends
Winona NBrown and Sticky1013Big Slick
Winona NHuckBunnies1111Freak Show
11:30 amCamosunDiscs N' Roses133Feed the Screaming Junk
CamosunThe Juicy Chickens613Huckin' Around
Columbia CAlarming Disc-colouration1214Sippin Sunshine
Columbia CKiller Bees132Deez Nuts
Killarney CGrass StainsCancelledFletch
Killarney CWhat is a Frisbee?CancelledMushBOOM
RiverfrontBanana CuttersCancelledSure-wood
RiverfrontHappy Stripes813Hobbits
Rupert SJust Donut613The Breakfast Club
Rupert SRock Hard139Sneaky Peaches
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.129Cha Siu Baos
Trafalgar NWPULSE133Blue Steel
Van Tech Ovalburning crabs1311Nacho Friends
Van Tech OvalPura VidaBig Red Ford
Winona NBrown and Sticky1011Freak Show
Winona NHuckBunnies95Big Slick
1:00 pmColumbia CSuperfriends136Lightning
Columbia CThe Gay Stormtroopers85Wafflehouse
Killarney CCake or Pie?CancelledThe Nevernudes
Killarney CstibboH132Nuke The Fridge
2:30 pmColumbia CSuperfriends1310Wafflehouse
Columbia CThe Gay Stormtroopers130Lightning
Killarney CCake or Pie?CancelledNuke The Fridge
Killarney CstibboH134The Nevernudes
Sun Oct 25
10:00 am
CamosunTeam Awesome139Disgraced rockstars
CamosunTurf Burners133Slippery When Wet
Killarney CNewbulousHarshmellows
Killarney CTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion513Talk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestNorfolk-n-Good65Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort613Lucky Charms
Oak MeadowsKarmavores610Likastik
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators1210It's a good time for business time
Trafalgar NWSlow Egregious Swilly ChildrenFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Winona CBetty Cracker1013Flikerish
Winona CBzzrs138Squid Wranglers
Winona NFullmetal Ultimists133pHoebe HaAshBar
Winona SFlick N Twisted II136Britches 'N Hose
Winona STrudeaumania813Dirty Sanchez
11:30 amCamosunTeam AwesomeSlippery When Wet
CamosunTurf Burners138Disgraced rockstars
Killarney CNewbulousTalk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion32Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort513Likastik
Oak MeadowsKarmavores613Lucky Charms
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulatorsFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Trafalgar NWSlow Egregious Swilly Children136It's a good time for business time
Winona CBetty Cracker713Squid Wranglers
Winona CBzzrs116Flikerish
Winona SFlick N Twisted II108Dirty Sanchez
Winona STrudeaumania49Britches 'N Hose
1:00 pmColumbia CMisfitHand of Chal
Columbia Ctheteamthatshallremainnameless136Ultimatum
Killarney CSuperSmashBrosPostponedThe Great Huck Forward
Killarney CTeamocilLegion
Oak MeadowsFlick My Life107CanHucks
Oak MeadowsMischiefSoup du Jour
Winona CIt Takes Two To Huck130Just Hammers
Winona CWhatevsHigh Score Victory Group
2:30 pmColumbia CMisfitUltimatum
Columbia Ctheteamthatshallremainnameless1111Hand of Chal
Killarney CSuperSmashBrosCancelledLegion
Killarney CTeamocilPostponedThe Great Huck Forward
Oak MeadowsFlick My Life60Soup du Jour
Oak MeadowsMischief63CanHucks
Winona CIt Takes Two To Huck129High Score Victory Group
Winona CWhatevsJust Hammers
Sat Oct 31
10:00 am
CamosunDoggie Style713Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
CamosunKnights136Old Skool
Columbia CHobbits913MushBOOM
Columbia CSure-wood105Fletch
Killarney CBig Red Ford1011The Breakfast Club
Killarney CNacho Friends128Sneaky Peaches
KingcrestHuckBunnies1311Brown and Sticky
Memorial Oburning crabs137Rock Hard
Memorial OPura Vida137Just Donut
Oak MeadowsBanana Cutters313Grass Stains
Oak MeadowsHappy StripesCancelledWhat is a Frisbee?
Rupert SFeed the Screaming Junk118Cha Siu Baos
Rupert SHuckin' Around613Blue Steel
Sunrise ParkFreak Show1310Big Slick
Tisdall NKiller Bees1311Alarming Disc-colouration
Tisdall NSippin Sunshine131Deez Nuts
Trafalgar NWChester Fields104Tutus are Awesome
Trafalgar NWDream Big Like a Dolphin59TJ's Hookers
Van Tech OvalDiscs N' Roses135H.A.M.M.E.R.
Van Tech OvalThe Juicy Chickens107PULSE
11:30 amCamosunDoggie Style113Old Skool
CamosunKnights134Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Columbia CHobbits1013Fletch
Columbia CSure-wood125MushBOOM
Killarney CBig Red Ford134Sneaky Peaches
Killarney CNacho Friends79The Breakfast Club
Memorial Oburning crabs136Just Donut
Memorial OPura Vida134Rock Hard
Oak MeadowsBanana Cutters1012What is a Frisbee?
Oak MeadowsHappy StripesCancelledGrass Stains
Rupert SFeed the Screaming Junk35Blue Steel
Rupert SHuckin' Around69Cha Siu Baos
Trafalgar NWChester Fields76TJ's Hookers
Trafalgar NWDream Big Like a Dolphin87Tutus are Awesome
Van Tech OvalDiscs N' Roses510PULSE
Van Tech OvalThe Juicy Chickens125H.A.M.M.E.R.
1:00 pmColumbia CLightning110The Nevernudes
Columbia CWafflehouse130Nuke The Fridge
Oak MeadowsSuperfriendsCancelledCake or Pie?
Oak MeadowsThe Gay Stormtroopers134stibboH
2:30 pmColumbia CLightning130Nuke The Fridge
Columbia CWafflehouse130The Nevernudes
Oak MeadowsSuperfriends813stibboH
Oak MeadowsThe Gay Stormtroopers131Cake or Pie?
Sun Nov 1
9:00 am
CamosunLucky Charms136Betty Cracker
Columbia CDisc Comfort1315Karmavores
Killarney CDisgraced rockstarsFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Killarney CSlippery When Wet58It's a good time for business time
Memorial OTeam Awesome1213Slow Egregious Swilly Children
Memorial OTurf Burners136Discombobulators
Oak MeadowsBritches 'N Hose713Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Oak MeadowsDirty Sanchez136Newbulous
Trafalgar NWFlikerish313Fullmetal Ultimists
Trafalgar NWSquid Wranglers1213pHoebe HaAshBar
Winona CHarshmellows133Princess Layout
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me104Norfolk-n-Good
Winona NFlick N Twisted II137Trudeaumania
10:30 amCamosunLikastik139Betty Cracker
CamosunLucky CharmsCancelledBzzrs
Killarney CDisgraced rockstars911It's a good time for business time
Killarney CSlippery When WetFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Memorial OTeam Awesome1213Discombobulators
Memorial OTurf Burners136Slow Egregious Swilly Children
Oak MeadowsBritches 'N Hose133Newbulous
Oak MeadowsDirty Sanchez137Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trafalgar NWFlikerish1311pHoebe HaAshBar
Trafalgar NWSquid Wranglers813Fullmetal Ultimists
Winona CHarshmellows105Norfolk-n-Good
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me133Princess Layout
12:00 pmCamosunFlick My Life99It Takes Two To Huck
Oak MeadowsMisfit130Teamocil
Oak Meadowstheteamthatshallremainnameless1514SuperSmashBros
Trafalgar NWCanHucks135Just Hammers
Trafalgar NWSoup du Jour138High Score Victory Group
Winona CHand of ChalDefaultLegion
Winona CUltimatum136The Great Huck Forward
1:30 pmCamosunFlick My LifeWhatevs
CamosunMischief127It Takes Two To Huck
Oak MeadowsMisfit66SuperSmashBros
Oak Meadowstheteamthatshallremainnameless135Teamocil
Trafalgar NWCanHucks79High Score Victory Group
Trafalgar NWSoup du JourJust Hammers
Winona CHand of Chal139The Great Huck Forward
Winona CUltimatumDefaultLegion
Sat Nov 7
10:00 am
CamosunAlarming Disc-colourationCancelledBrown and Sticky
CamosunKiller BeesCancelledHuckBunnies
Columbia CBanana CuttersCancelledHappy Stripes
Columbia CHobbitsCancelledSure-wood
Killarney CFeed the Screaming JunkCancelledPULSE
Killarney CHuckin' AroundCancelledH.A.M.M.E.R.
Memorial ODiscs N' RosesCancelledBlue Steel
Memorial OThe Juicy ChickensCancelledCha Siu Baos
Oak MeadowsBig Red FordCancelledRock Hard
Oak MeadowsNacho FriendsCancelledJust Donut
Rupert SOld SkoolCancelledTJ's Hookers
Rupert SXuing Xuang (Ruckus)CancelledTutus are Awesome
Tisdall NGrass StainsCancelledWhat is a Frisbee?
Tisdall NMushBOOMCancelledFletch
Trafalgar NWDeez NutsCancelledBig Slick
Trafalgar NWSippin SunshineCancelledFreak Show
Van Tech OvalDoggie StyleCancelledChester Fields
Van Tech OvalKnightsCancelledDream Big Like a Dolphin
Winona Nburning crabsCancelledThe Breakfast Club
Winona NPura VidaDefaultSneaky Peaches
11:30 amCamosunAlarming Disc-colouration135HuckBunnies
CamosunKiller BeesCancelledBrown and Sticky
Killarney CFeed the Screaming JunkCancelledH.A.M.M.E.R.
Killarney CHuckin' AroundCancelledPULSE
Memorial ODiscs N' RosesCancelledCha Siu Baos
Memorial OThe Juicy ChickensCancelledBlue Steel
Oak MeadowsBig Red FordCancelledJust Donut
Oak MeadowsNacho FriendsCancelledRock Hard
Rupert SOld SkoolCancelledTutus are Awesome
Rupert SXuing Xuang (Ruckus)CancelledTJ's Hookers
Trafalgar NWDeez NutsCancelledFreak Show
Trafalgar NWSippin SunshineCancelledBig Slick
Van Tech OvalDoggie StyleCancelledDream Big Like a Dolphin
Van Tech OvalKnightsCancelledChester Fields
Winona Nburning crabsCancelledSneaky Peaches
Winona NPura VidaCancelledThe Breakfast Club
1:00 pmCamosunSuperfriendsCancelledThe Nevernudes
CamosunThe Gay StormtroopersCancelledNuke The Fridge
Trafalgar NWLightningCancelledCake or Pie?
Trafalgar NWWafflehouseCancelledstibboH
2:30 pmCamosunSuperfriendsCancelledNuke The Fridge
CamosunThe Gay StormtroopersCancelledThe Nevernudes
Trafalgar NWLightningCancelledstibboH
Trafalgar NWWafflehouseCancelledCake or Pie?
Sun Nov 8
10:00 am
CamosunFlick N Twisted IICancelledNorfolk-n-Good
CamosunTrudeaumaniaCancelledPrincess Layout
Killarney CLikastikCancelledSquid Wranglers
Killarney CLucky CharmsCancelledFlikerish
KingcrestBetty CrackerCancelledBzzrs
Memorial ODisc ComfortPostponedFullmetal Ultimists
Memorial OKarmavoresCancelledpHoebe HaAshBar
Oak MeadowsTeam AwesomeCancelledFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Oak MeadowsTurf Burners135It's a good time for business time
Trafalgar NWBritches 'N HoseCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Trafalgar NWDirty SanchezCancelledHarshmellows
Winona CDisgraced rockstars133Slow Egregious Swilly Children
Winona CSlippery When Wet1121Discombobulators
Winona NTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionDefaultNewbulous
11:30 amCamosunFlick N Twisted IICancelledPrincess Layout
Killarney CLikastikCancelledFlikerish
Killarney CLucky CharmsCancelledSquid Wranglers
Memorial ODisc ComfortCancelledpHoebe HaAshBar
Memorial OKarmavoresPostponedFullmetal Ultimists
Oak MeadowsTeam AwesomeCancelledIt's a good time for business time
Oak MeadowsTurf BurnersFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with Candy
Trafalgar NWBritches 'N HoseCancelledHarshmellows
Trafalgar NWDirty SanchezCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Winona CDisgraced rockstars138Discombobulators
Winona CSlippery When Wet2114Slow Egregious Swilly Children
1:00 pmCamosunMisfitCancelledLegion
CamosuntheteamthatshallremainnamelessCancelledThe Great Huck Forward
Columbia CWhatevsIt Takes Two To Huck
Oak MeadowsMischief913Flick My Life
Trafalgar NWHand of ChalTeamocil
Trafalgar NWUltimatumDefaultSuperSmashBros
Winona CSoup du Jour1113CanHucks
Winona NHigh Score Victory Group135Just Hammers
2:30 pmCamosunMisfitCancelledThe Great Huck Forward
Trafalgar NWHand of ChalCancelledSuperSmashBros
Trafalgar NWUltimatum139Teamocil
Sat Nov 14
10:00 am
CamosunBanana Cutters138MushBOOM
CamosunHappy Stripes138Fletch
Columbia CBig Red Ford135Nacho Friends
Columbia Cburning crabsPura Vida
Killarney COld Skool139Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)213Chester Fields
Memorial ODoggie Style06Tutus are Awesome
Memorial OKnightsTJ's Hookers
Oak MeadowsBlue Steel137Cha Siu Baos
Oak MeadowsH.A.M.M.E.R.109PULSE
Rupert SDeez Nuts106Brown and Sticky
Rupert SSippin Sunshine94HuckBunnies
Tisdall NRock Hard133Just Donut
Tisdall NThe Breakfast Club75Sneaky Peaches
Trafalgar NWHobbits513Grass Stains
Trafalgar NWSure-woodWhat is a Frisbee?
Van Tech OvalAlarming Disc-colouration1011Big Slick
Van Tech OvalKiller Bees138Freak Show
Winona NDiscs N' Roses1013The Juicy Chickens
Winona NHuckin' Around134Feed the Screaming Junk
11:30 amCamosunBanana Cutters137Fletch
CamosunHappy Stripes138MushBOOM
Killarney COld Skool67Chester Fields
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)46Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Memorial ODoggie StyleCancelledTJ's Hookers
Memorial OKnights76Tutus are Awesome
Rupert SDeez Nuts130HuckBunnies
Rupert SSippin Sunshine133Brown and Sticky
Trafalgar NWHobbits134What is a Frisbee?
Trafalgar NWSure-woodGrass Stains
Van Tech OvalAlarming Disc-colouration135Freak Show
Van Tech OvalKiller Bees134Big Slick
1:00 pmOak MeadowsThe Gay Stormtroopers1013Superfriends
Van Tech OvalNuke The Fridge813The Nevernudes
Van Tech OvalstibboH137Cake or Pie?
Winona NWafflehouseLightning
Sun Nov 15
10:00 am
CamosunDisgraced rockstarsCancelledSlippery When Wet
CamosunTeam AwesomeCancelledTurf Burners
Columbia CBritches 'N HoseCancelledDirty Sanchez
Killarney CNewbulousCancelledPrincess Layout
Killarney CTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledNorfolk-n-Good
Memorial OFlick N Twisted IICancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Memorial OTrudeaumaniaCancelledHarshmellows
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort133Flikerish
Oak MeadowsKarmavores1013Squid Wranglers
Trafalgar NWFor a Good Time Call... Strangers with CandyCancelledIt's a good time for business time
Trafalgar NWSlow Egregious Swilly ChildrenCancelledDiscombobulators
Winona CBetty CrackerCancelledFullmetal Ultimists
Winona CBzzrsCancelledpHoebe HaAshBar
Winona NLucky Charms132Likastik
11:30 amKillarney CNewbulousCancelledNorfolk-n-Good
Killarney CTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledPrincess Layout
Memorial OFlick N Twisted IICancelledHarshmellows
Memorial OTrudeaumaniaCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort134Squid Wranglers
Oak MeadowsKarmavoresCancelledFlikerish
Winona CBetty CrackerCancelledpHoebe HaAshBar
Winona CBzzrsCancelledFullmetal Ultimists
1:00 pmColumbia CTeamocilCancelledSuperSmashBros
Killarney CCanHucksPostponedIt Takes Two To Huck
Killarney CSoup du JourPostponedWhatevs
Memorial OFlick My Life130Just Hammers
Memorial OMischief135High Score Victory Group
Oak MeadowsMisfitCancelledtheteamthatshallremainnameless
Winona CHand of ChalUltimatum
Winona NLegionCancelledThe Great Huck Forward
2:30 pmKillarney CCanHucksPostponedWhatevs
Killarney CSoup du JourPostponedIt Takes Two To Huck
Memorial OFlick My LifeCancelledHigh Score Victory Group
Memorial OMischiefCancelledJust Hammers
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