1.5 Billion dollars.... wasted?

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They say that this spending has resulted in the thousand people who died of overdose in the '90s
and the epidemic of aids cases have both subsided. I suppose those that think this is too much to
spend on saving lives may suggest it's wasted.

It's interesting that when not enough is spent, the criticisms come that they're afraid to spend
money to save lives and there should be no limit on the value of a human life. And here it's spent
and lives ARE saved, but too much was spent.

I'm confused... So there IS a limit on the value of a human life?

Good questions for sure. I think 1.5B is a small price for results in the DTES, in particular over 15 years that would be money well spent.

Also to note, that's not all public/tax funds, there's a great deal of private contribution in there.

I suppose the core question from that article (or at least as I interpreted it) is this. Is it working? Spending more money isn't always better, but it's so hard to tell where the money would be best spent.

At the most fundamental level there needs to be some amount devoted to just keeping preserving life. What about comforts? What about community? What about treatment for those that want to change their situation? (I suppose change in the societal sense) I don't think the article even really suggests a solution, but read like a journalist trying to find out what the scope of the story is. To at least quantify some values for discussion.

As to your question, is there a limit on the value of a human life?

I'm not sure that there is, can you define value? Are we talking about a strictly monetary cost? There must be some upper limit to the strict amount of $$ we can devote to saving individual lives, I'm not trying to suggest I know what that $$ is, and I'd be surprised if it doesn't change based on the individual. I'm pretty sure that one of the things you must be able to do is measure effectiveness though.

What about value as in freedom? Do we have a moral obligation to force people to stop self destructive behavior? Do we even have a right to force people to stop self destructive behavior?

So what is our ethical obligation?

What is our measure of success?

What are the options available?

If anyone has these answers I'm sure there are millions of people waiting to hear.