10 yr old wants to play ulti

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Does anyone know of a league where a ten year old can play?

Parks and Rec perhaps?

There are school leagues in Vancouver and other municipalities. I don't think they get going until the spring, but I may be wrong. You could contact one of the BCDSS Juniors Coordinators for more information:


We will be adding a listing of all school leagues to our website this year.

Doesn't 7 Deadly Spins have some 10 years olds on the team?

HA! That's so funny I forgot to laugh...excluding that first Ha.


Good one, Chris. Now we will see you on the field.


Actually they do, the short asian on their team is 10.

and I think the kid with the orange cleats is 8 or so...

There are some that are trying to initiate ulti into this age group at the school level. Carla Craddock is in the loop in N Van and she may have some info. I was lucky to do a clinic with 19 8-10 year olds this summer and was thrilled with the gumption and ability they brought. I'm working on doing similar clinics in the future in the lower mainland with a focus on summer events. You can e me to get more info or to get in touch with Carla if she is game.

Good luck