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...just posted to the UPA website:


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate has been approved by a vote of the UPA membership.

The new rule set passed by an overwhelming majority of voting members with 1393 out of 1627 members voting for approval. In order for the membership to approve the 11th Edition as the new official version of the rules, at least 600 members needed to vote, with a majority in favor of the new rule set.

UPA staff is taking steps to educate Ultimate players and organizers about the new rules and promote their use. All UPA events for 2007 going forward will be using the 11th Edition Rules. UPA members and event coordinators will be sent new rule books, and league organizers will be offered the opportunity to purchase new rule books in bulk through the UPA. See the links below for the text of the 11th Edition and a list of the substantive changes from the 10th Edition.

The 11th Edition represents five years of experience, experimentation, and hard work by the Ultimate community and the UPA Standing Rules Committee to update and improve the 10th Edition. The committee will continue to help educate players, clarify rules, incorporate new rules, and work to revise and create new versions of the rules to improve the game for the future.

Thanks to everyone who helped create this proposed version, especially those who experimented with new rules or provided comments and suggestions during its development.

Peri Kurshan, SRC Chair <upa_standing_rules_chair {at} upa.org>


Thanks to all the locals for your help and comments and those who voted.

Locally, it's up to the VUL (and other local leagues) as to whether, when, and how these will be implemented and used here. And the upcoming Spring UPA College Series and this year's UPA Club Series will be played under the 11th.

The UPA website has the proposed versions (link from the main text on the homepage). Over the next week or two, we (the SRC) will be doing a small number of last minute typo and minor logic corrections and then will post the "final" versions.

Stay tuned...



THanks for all of the time you (and the rest of the SRC) have put into this. It remains to be seen just how successful the updates are (though some of them will definitely help, as long as the "I've always played that way" ruleset can somehow be stopped), but regardless I, for one, appreciate all of the time and effort you've put into the thankless task of very carefully rewording the ruleset, mostly during marathon conference calls and email.

Now if you'll excuse me, it seems I have some reading to do.