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Hey folks

Link to my original message (with links to appropriate resources) below. I didn't want this "reminder" to be lost in the other thread, so here you are...

I've just heard that the 11th Draft is going to for UPA Board approval at the end of December. The SRC is having our final (we hope) conference call on the weekend of Dec 16th to discuss player comments and suggestions.

So... that's about a month from now. If you're wanting to review and/or comment on the current draft, you'll want to do so soon. There's a few of you I was expecting to rake me over the coals publicly (i.e., make comments on that forum), but that hasn't happened yet. C'mon... I know I don't scare you.

For the UPA members out there, expect a membership vote on the rules at some point in the new year... not sure of the timing or logistics of that.

... just trying to keep my post count up, folks...

We've posted an updated 11th Draft "2" to the 11th forum (check the UPA site for more details), and we're in the final weeks of receiving player comment.

Excerpt from our latest communication:

"The SRC will post a final version of the 11th edition the week of December 18th, at which point discussion will be closed and the membership will be asked to vote on whether the 11th edition should be ratified. The voting period will last until January 10th. "

So... please make your views known (on the 11th forum please) over the next couple of weeks. Any comments heard after the 15th are unlikely to drive further changes.

Remember folks, even though you may not be a UPA member and resultantly without voting rights on this, we *do* play under the UPA version of the rules (at least currently). These rule changes *will* impact how you play, so your comments are still worthwhile regardless.

... now get back to work!

Bah, I'm going to actually have to do this at some point aren't I?

Sure, but only if you're going to say "Mark's done a perfect job and I can't say anything further, carry on!"

If you're going to cause shi+, then no, don't do anything.

Kidding aside... yes, please read and comment.

You've also got my email, so depending on your concerns, if you wanted to throw comments directly to me, I'll bring whichever of them to the teleconference on the 16th. It's probably better on the 11th forum (even just so we can publicly ridicule you), but like I said, depending on the nature of any concerns...

Half-way through it, and I've got quite a few notes. I'll swing my questions by you in email

before posting on the group.

Latest update...

We expect a version to be ready for UPA Member vote very soon... possibly as early as tomorrow.

If you're a member, get ready.

If you're not and want to be... now's the time!

If you want to buy me stuff for all the hard work... everyone pool all your money and I'll throw it into my Porsche fund :)

I just voted. The deadline to vote is midnight tonight, so go for it.

Thanks and kudos to those who worked on it, it's appreciated.