11th Edition Rules - Now for Member Vote

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That's right folks, it's all up to you now. And by "you" I mean UPA Members.

We've concluded the player feedback portion of our program.

Huge thanks to those of you that participated in providing us feedback, directly to/thru me and/or by posting to the 11th Forum.

We are now moving into the "smack us with a stick or smack us with your lips" portion (i.e., thumbs down or thumbs up).

Check the UPA home page, where you can either download the current proposed rules and/or (if you're a UPA member) log in and vote on them.

If it passes, I believe these will be implemented for the 2007 Spring UPA College series and 2007 Summer/Fall UPA Club series.

... or possibly I should be saying "when".

Regardless, my work is done for this year... I need a break. Maybe I'll play some indoor this Saturday or something.