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Hey folks...

A couple of new developments in the 11th edition stuff:

(1) The rules have (finally) gone to print, and rulebooks are expected to start mailing within a couple of weeks.

(2) In the meanwhile, a FINAL (finally) PDF version -- with pretty pictures on the cover -- has been created for download. Print it off and stick it in your bag for easy reference... after reading it of course.

(3) We've (the SRC) created a very short (2-page) "summary of most important changes" document. If (read: "if") you already know the 10th Edition very well (read: "very well") then reading this will go a long way to helping pin-point you to the biggest changes. If you don't, then please read this in conjunction with a full read of the 11th.

All that, plus links to the UPA Rules Blog, and the 11th Edition Discussion Forum can be found on this UPA page: http://www.upa.org/ultimate/rules/11th_links (also 'www' link below).


"Check Feet" is not a 'call' / 'rule'.

It's NOT (necessarily) the receiver's call.

And "I'm in by THAT cone" will get you laughed off the field.

See you on the field!


mO By mO

what about 'You're OUT by THAT cone' ??

And what about fields whose lines look like they were sprayed on in the dark (zig-zag), if you're IN on this spot, but OUT according to the other lines (if it was drawn straight), are you considered IN or OUT?

II.J) Line: A boundary defining the playing areas. On an unlined field, the boundary is an

imaginary line

segment between two field markers with the thickness of said markers. Line segments are not


beyond the defining markers.

It doesn't matter where the line should be, only where it is. All that matters is where the line is

painted, as that's whats fair to both teams.

The only time you look at field markers is to determine where an invisible line is, but it's that

invisible line itself, not really the end points of that line (or especially segments beyond), that

determines your IB/OB status.