11th edition this summer?

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Jon By Jon

This is probably on the website somewhere, but are we playing by the 11th edition this summer?

Currently the League Info states it's the 10th (see below), but I'd like to see us use the 11th.

There's x ammount of grief and arguments associated with changing league rules. That's
constant. What's not constant is y, the ammount of grief caused by some people using the
new rules if the league has not yet adopted them.

Let's make y zero so that grief = x (not x + y).


League Rules

The league uses the currently accepted rules of the Ultimate Players Association. This is the
10th edition Exceptions to the U.P.A. rules are:

- Games are to 13 points with a point cap at 15 unless otherwise agreed by the captains

- Footblocks are not allowed by a marker within 3 meters of the thrower. If a footblock is
used a "foul" call can be made and the disc returns to the thrower.

- The VUL utilizes a 10 yard brick

- There is no half time, and teams are allowed two timeouts per game. Timeouts are not
allowed once a game has been capped.

- Each team must have a light and dark "uniform" at every game or a distinctive team

- Each team must have at least six players, three of each gender, to play.

Other exceptions may be advised at the captain's meeting prior to the start of each season.

However, the sentence stating the rules in use is self-contradictory - the "currently accepted rules" of the UPA is the 11th ed. So I don't know if this sentence can be trusted.

Seeing as how one of the dicussions/clinics at Ultimate Day is about the differences between 10th ed and 11th, the VUL is probably going with 11th. I don't remember if this was communicated by email to captains or not.

My team plans to play by the WFDF rules. x + y + z = more fun.

We use NFL rules.. shocks the hell outa the first receiver when he gets tackled by two dudes.

Was this discussed at the captains' meeting?

Jon By Jon

Yup. I meant to post something about that. We're playing by the 11th this summer.

Exceptions (page 32 of the captains manual)

Games to 13, point cap at 15 unless otherwise agreed to

No half time

2 timeouts per game

Minimum 3 of each gender on the field

No footblocks by a marker. Can call a foul on an attempted footblock and get the disc back.

10 yard brick