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We're moving from Kelowna (Okanagan Snatch) to Vancouver this week and looking for a team or two to join. Getting on a spare list is OK too.

Both of Med-High Skill level and good spirit.

Please call 604-626-8031, or email sjacob@pacificvisual.com

Tara and Stephane

Lil By Lil

I just forwarded your post to my captain Ted. We are the Wyld Stallyns (!!) and I'm pretty sure we could do with another two. We'll see what he says!

welcome to vancouver!


The individuals team has room for you both if you're interested. We'll be playing sunday mornings in div 3, so the skill level may be below what you're used to but it's a good option. If you want in send me an email at dnorton@ualberta.ca.