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My partner and I just moved to Vancouver from Saskatoon and are looking for
some teams for this summer. We're already playing Div 1 on Wednesday, but
we're looking to play on some other nights as well.

About Heather: This friendly 24 year-old has 9 years of ultimate under her
belt. She plays co-ed and women's, and has played in Regina, Montreal, and
Saskatoon on a range of Div 1 and 2 teams. She's been to Nationals once on
a co-ed team and Flowerbowl twice with women's.

About Rob: Rob has been playing 7 of his last 30 years. Starting in Montreal,
he has been playing with our Div 1 team the last 4 years in Saskatoon. He's
been to Nationals and Flowerbowl once each with the men's team.

In short, we play hard but we also like to go for beers after the game. We're
also keen to be either handlers or cutters, depending on what your team's
needs are. If you think we'd round out your team, let us know at
rob@robmaguire.com or hjamcewen@gmail.com.

Rob By Rob

And by "keen to be handlers" he means "Heather can huck the damn field", but he's being humble. I got to play with these two recently and they were both great players and teammates. Sign them up, already!

Rob's (NewGuy) post seemed so humble, and Rob's (Taylor) post seemed
so self-congratulatory. Then I realized that there are two Robs.

Rob, you're hilarious. But you're also right — Heather is one fine motherhucker.

Rob By Rob

BobKat (if that is your real name...) I don't want to blow your mind, but: http://thebobclub.com/allbobs.html

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