1 girl new to van looking for a team - any night

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I'm moving from Ontario May 4 and looking for a fun team to play with for the summer.
26 y.o., Been playing ultimate for ~3-4 years, toured last summer for Toronto women's team Lotus.
If you're nice and fun - let me play with you :)

I know a team on Thursday (div 2? 1?) that may be looking. Send me an email (link below) and I can fill you in.

Monday Div 2 - email below.

Kim, don't settle for anything other than wednesday div 1


Hi Kim,

I moved here from Ottawa over a year ago and was fortunate to pick-up with a great group of people on Thursday nights. I will be playing with a number of the same people on Mondays (Division 2) this summer and we are looking for an additional woman to fill out the roster.

Send me an email (link below) if you're interested and I can give you more details.

you guys still looking for a girl for wed div 1? let me know, I'm now in Van and would love to play :)