1MM + 1FM looking for a div 3-4 summer team

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My wife and I are long time UBC REC/VUL players and are looking for a clean & fun summer team. I'm comfortable div 1-4 and she's comfortable div 3-4. I prefer to play more than to rest and we can be pretty consistent over the summer - just away a week here and there for the odd camping trip but generally around. We have kids and could get a babysitter or could bring our older kids to the games. -Geoffrey/Karen Trotter

Hi Geoffrey, our team is looking to add some new players this year. We have played in div 2/3 over the last couple years but with some of our long time players retiring I am guessing we may be a div 4 team. We play Thursday night double headers, the team name is the Thrown. Most of us are parents as well so having more kids on the sideline the merrier! If you are interested let me know!