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Hi there,

My friend and I are looking to join a, fun, easy-going beginner team. We both have a little experience playing ultimate, but not much. If you could use a couple of female players, please let me know. 



Hi Cecile,

If you are looking for a team, we are looking for some extra girls. We are a beginner to intermediate team but are pretty relaxed. We play mondays, currently in div 5 but probably bumping down to 6 soon. Let me k ow if you would like to join. My email is mikechan.van@gmail.com

Hi Cecile,

We have a group of fun people playing on Britches 'N Hose, Thursday div 5. We have a good combination of beginners and more experience players that enjoy teaching the basics. Generally, we wear pink and have fun. Drop me an email at rtfwong@gmail.com if you are interested. 



Hi Cecile. If you haven't already joined any of the other teams, I've got a team called Gritty in Pink that is looking for lady players. We are totally chill and a mix of veterans and newbies. We're currently in Div 3, but we are really a Div 5 team so we'll drop down to there eventually. We have a bunch of new players, and a bunch of experienced players (20 years for me, plus a couple who coaches a high school team) and we're looking to help people learn. We're more fun than anything, and while we like to win, we are not super-competitive. If you're still interested, you can contact me at skaloop@gmail.com.