2 Girls, 3 Guys Looking for a Tuesday Summer Team

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Looking for a div 4-8 team on Tuesdays. Played a few seasons together, looking for an easy going team that enjoys beer and/or bubble tea.

Hi Allan!

We're a div 8 team that plays on Tuesdays - pretty chill and enjoy hanging out together each week and playing. We're in need of approx 5 more players (What a coincidence!). Let me know your thoughts!

Hey Allan,
Have you already found a team to join? We are also a group of 6 people looking to join a team or put a team together. Let me know if you guys are still looking!

Hi everybody! Would anybody want to take me on their team? I'm not super experienced but I'm looking for fun players to play with. Please let me know if you have spots open! I'm good for Tuesday nights!

Jib By Jib

Hello Allan r u still looking I m very interested with 8 yrs of experience 6 feet 2 inches tall 19 yrs old lookin to have some fun this summer