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Hey, it's been awhile since I've been I've been in here (I've been living in some smaller communities where the ultimate clubs are fairly grassroots) but this is still the best place I know to get an answer about the rules of the game.

In a recent game a player jumped from in-bounds to save a disc with a Greatest which miraculously resulted in the winning point. It was pretty incredible to watch with our club's level of play but it was pointed out that he grabbed the disc with 2 hands and then used both hands to throw it back in-bounds.

Now I'm pretty sure a 2 handed throw is illegal but I can't seem to find the official rule on it. Can someone help me out?


All you need for a throw to be a throw, is for the thrower to lose contact with the disc following a throwing motion (which is not really defined, includes fakes, and of course if the player intentionally drops the disc) (II.T). It is not specified anywhere that this requires only single-handed involvement.

In fact, the only place where the rules specify that the thrower has the disc in their hand is the offensive self-check (VIII.D.4).

In an older edition of WFDF rules (and, I believe, in a much, much older edition of UPA rules), there was an ill-conceived definition of "throw" that excluded no-spin and low-spin passes, and by extension, most likely two-handed passes. Fortunately, that rule was over-written by a more sensible one.

But to cut to the chase, there is nothing illegal about a two-handed throw.

Note, also, that there's nothing in the rules even requiring a "throw" from someone in that position. He could have deflected the disc it in-bounds (intentionally or otherwise) equally legally.

Thanks for the replies!