2006 BCJUC DVD Trailer Now Available

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The trailer for the 2006 BC Junior Ultimate Championships (BCJUC) is now available.

You can download it from the tournament website at http://juc.bcdss.bc.ca/

The full DVD version will be available by the middle of July.

All proceeds of DVD sales go to support Juniors Ultimate in BC.

Thank you for your support.


BCDSS Juniors Coordinator

(Please note that the file is approx. 30MB)

i don't seem to be able to view the trailer.. says its forbidden?? o.O

Doh. That's fixed now.

We have updated the website with a smaller file size for the trailer. There are three options now!

DVD's will be available for shipment by next week! Order yours today!

Thank you for supporting BC Juniors Ultimate.