2006 BC Junior Ultimate Championships

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Hello Ultimate Enthusiasts!

May 27 and 28 will have the best and brightest Junior Ultimate players in BC showing their stuff as they vye for the coveted BC title in both the Junior High School and Senior High School divisions.

This years tournament will be hosted at UBC.

Pool play will be on the Saturday, with playoffs on the Sunday.

We will be videotaping the event, so if you wish to pre-order a DVD you can do so online. Simply go to the BC Junior Ultimate Championships website (link below).

We are also looking for some volunteers to help with the set up and take down on both the Saturday and Sunday. The majority of the work would be setting up port-a-fields for about 12 Ultimate fields.

If the weather is anything like this one, it will be a great day to sit back and watch some young bucks run up and down the fields while you drink a cold one!

See you at UBC on May 27 and 28!

The 2006 High School Provincial Championships will take place on May 27-28th (Saturday-Sunday) at UBC.

We are looking for volunteers to help make this event a success.

If you are interested in helping out with the High School Provincials, please contact William at juniors AT bcdss.bc.ca

If you have a chance on either day, come on out to watch some great Junior Ultimate.

Just a quick reminder that we are still in need of volunteers.

So far we have two people who have agreed to help.

And one of them is me!

Thank you for your consideration.

Just a reminder that the playoffs for the BC Junior Ultimate Championships are on tomorrow at UBC.

Check out the website for the latest schedule.


Check out the BCDSS Forum under the "Juniors Ultimate" section for today's results!


See you at UBC tomorrow!

Congratulations to Kitsilano Seniors (JUNK) for winning the Provincial championships. They beat York House/Saint George's (TIGHT) 17-12 (or something like that). These are two of the most skilled and intense juniors' teams around and throughout it all without exception they played with incredible spirit and utmost class. Vancouver should be very proud of these amazing high school athletes.

All the results are posted on the BCDSS Forum under the section titled Juniors Ultimate.

A special "thank you" to our sponsors: Powerade (Coca-Cola) and GAIA.

Another special "thank you" to the girls from Roughriders for running the Saturday BBQ.

An extra special "thank you" to our volunteers: David Cowley, Mike Kaweski, and Craig Woods.