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Hey folks... had enough of the usual ramblings and rumblings of the forum these days? Maxims and Legalities got you all riled up? Well put all that energy to good use... the UPA Club Finals are on from now to Sunday.

Day 1's over

Furious UP 3-0 in Pool A. First seed going into the tournament, and a strong showing throughout the day. 15-7, 15-9, and 15-11, with the last game against one of their NW partners, Rhino out of Portland.

The rest of the NW Open teams are doing well so far... Sockeye going into the tourney seeded #2, also at 3-0, with three games all at 15-9... they must be bored.

And the 4th NW rep, Revolver from San Francisco, take Pool B in a head-to-head tie-breaker with the legendary DoG, at 2 games to 1 each. Revolver need to be careful; while they upset the top seed in the pool to take it, they also got upset by the 11th seed 16-17 at the soft cap.

This puts Furious, Rhino and Revolver all in the same power pool.

On the Women's side, Fury and Riot (1st and 2nd seed respectively), take both their pools 3-0 with seemingly little effort.

The Capitals, the Lotus/Stella combination team from Ontario, making their 2nd consecutive appearance at the Show, seem to be holding seed, and their only loss so far is to 3rd seed and last year's finalist Backhoe, and that by only 4 points. Unfortunately, I understand that a few of their top players aren't with them, including Erin Huck. [... what a great name for an Ultimate player, hey?]

On the Mixed side... there's 4 NW teams there, and no Canadian teams. Three of the NW teams have each won their respective pools. One of which is Brass Monkey, who won last year's tourney. I'm guessing most people aren't that charged about the UPA Mixed division this year... however, did anyone know Vancouver is being represented by two mixed teams in Australia at World Clubs next month... which are Team Fisher Price and Joyride... speaking of which, I think there's rumour of a raffle or something.

And in Masters, GLUM out of Ottawa, at 3rd seed and NE Regional winners, are having a difficult first day. With the Masters being a somewhat abbreviated division compared to the other three, they need to pull up their socks, strap on some old-man garters to keep them up, take some IBU pre-emptive strikes and come out hard tomorrow to get a good shot at the championship bracket [ puns such as "keep them up" and "come out hard" are *not* intended ... especially talking about fellow old guys ]. The two NW representatives so far have a better shot at the top tree.

... that's it... stay tuned.

Given that I hate *not* to have the last word... but I'd rather just move on from "THAT OTHER" thread... so how about an update??!!???

Day 2's done...

... for some, like dinner.

In Open, Furious and Sockeye had another strong day, and are sitting on two sides of the tree in a quarter slot. Furious is playing Ring of Fire first, and Ring doesn't look very strong so far this weekend, so that should go well for the monkey.

DoG was sitting in a power pool with three NW teams, and didn't win one game. They won their crossover game (against Metal) fairly convincingly, so are in quarters against Sockeye for the first game in the morning. Combined with yesterday, they haven't yet won against *any* NW team yet this weekend, and Sockeye is the only one they haven't played. 2006 might be the Year of the Dog, but apparently not down in Florida.

Looking good so far for an all WA/BC Section FINAL.

The other two NW teams, Rhino and Revolver, have also secured quarter slots... in other separate sections of the tree, so it's entirely possible to have an ALL NW Semi-Finals tomorrow afternoon. However, they both have to get through their quarter game first. Rhino plays Johnny Bravo... Rhino has only lost to Furious, and while Bravo had an undefeated first day, today was 0-2... Bravo's a bit too inconsistent and I need to give the edge to Rhino. Revolver is the wildcard in my mind... their quarter opponent, Chain Lightning, has only lost to Sockeye and todays games were both against teams seeded half-way or more from them towards the top (Chain seeded 10; def Bravo seeded 5 and Ring at 4). However both games were very close, and Ring choked, so they don't seem as solid as the pure numbers look.

Regardless of how the quarters turn out in the morning... NW Open gets both Strength wildcards again next year.

And for the rest ...

Fury and Riot are still going strong and undefeated. Like their brothers, are sitting in opposite sides of the quarters tree and I believe are likely to meet in the finals.

The Capitals didn't have a strong day today. It's not surprising they lost to Fury, but also lost their other game today. They won their crossover game, so have a quarter spot. First game tomorrow against Riot... and well, since I believe Riot's making the finals (a belief I'm sure is shared by most), I don't think I really need to say how this game will go down. I'm sure they wished they had their missing key players, Erin Huck (2005 Team Canada) and Shannon Elliot. To get to the game for the 5/6 spot, they may have to get past Brutesquad, their NE sisters from Boston, and they're 1-1 against them in that regionals tourney, so there's room yet to improve on last year's 6th place finish.

In any case, since Brutesquad also has a quarter spot, it looks like the Capitals have helped secure a strength wildcard spot for the NE, and we have one up here in the NW with Fury/Riot.

In Masters, GLUM made it to the quarters, but in a repeat of their regional finals game against Above and Beyond, which *then* they won... unfortunately, this time A&B overcame by 2 points. GLUM has a real shot at winning the 5/6 game.

The NW teams, Throwback and Big Sky are both sitting in semi spots on opposite sides, and an all NW final is possible. However, they look well-matched to their opponents, so I'll keep my bets on the easy money in Open and Women's.

I'm not up that much on Mixed, but it looks like three of the four NW teams are in quarters. And both Brass Monkey (looking for a repeat from last year's win) and Mischief are the only undefeateds in the tourney and on opposite sides of the tree... so (and this sounds like a broken record...) it looks good for an all NW final.

Having said that, what's the chances for an all NW final in all 4 divisions? It'll all depend on the old guys... as it always should :) ... we really *are* important, you know!

Remember... cleats go on pointy-side down...

Well, with Joyride tickets in hand, all is almost perfect in the world. Let's see how day 3 went...

The old guys even helped me out and both NW teams got to the finals. NW reps Throwback and Big Sky duked it out this afternoon and Throwback took the final 14-13.

In Open, both Rhino and Revolver got knocked out by Bravo and Chain, respectively. Solid 5th place finish for Revolver, and 6th for Rhino. Bravo made Sockeye work for one of the finals spot, and Furious convincingly took theirs, so third game tomorrow is a 2nd all NW final. mon...key...mon...key...

A third all-NW final for Women. Fury vs. Riot. Riot has rolled every team they've met so far. Only 23 total points scored against them so far. Fury two years ago, only allowed 20 points scored against them, including the finals. It'll be a good one tomorrow. The Capitals went down into the 5-8 place tree this morning, courtesy of Riot, as expected. They couldn't get past Backhoe (8-9 against). They then took down Ozone for 7th spot.

And a fourth all-NW final in Mixed? Nope. Brass Monkey let us down. Mischief did their job and took down the Gendors. But I guess a monkey with brass balls is no match for an albino virgin... Slow White 15-12 for the 8th finalist... the only one NOT from the NW.

So tomorrow, the old guys get to nap... and needed.

Mixed: Slow White vs Mischief at 9

Women: Riot vs Fury at 11:45

Open: Furious vs Sockeye at 2:30

... all times Eastern.

Yes Scire, the NW *IS* that good.

Second final over, and that's two wins for the NW. Mischief over Slow White 15-11.

And since this was the only final with a non-NW participant, this year, all 4 winning teams are bringing their cups back to the NW from the far corner of the continent.

In the Women's final currently underway, Fury takes the half 8-3. It looks like those cups may well all end up going to separate cities.

spread the love...

... speaking of spreading the love... no repeat winners at all this year in *any* division.

Riot *did* end up letting Fury take the cup home this year. Final score 15-9 in a game that really didn't ever seem close.

And Furious also did the ultimate in SOTG non-selfishness and let Sockeye take the cup home this year. That's 4 years in a row of them flipping back and forth. Furious scored first and held the lead until 4's and then never saw the lead again. Except for two occasions, the score was always within 2. Final score 15-13.

Looking forward to watching the DVD set, Rob.

NW Domination

Final Count for the NW was 64-13. There were also 7 Inter-Regional games. The Region takes all 4 titles, 2nd place in 3 of 4 and has an average finishing position of 3.58 (which is better than the avg starting seed of 4.25)

So the final answer is that the NW has the best Ultimate in the World. While the UPA Finals showcased the top level of the sport, I don't think it's hard to say that this is the case for every level. Our Leagues are better then their leagues. Our Div 4 teams are better then their Div 4 teams. Our pickup is better then their pickup.

NW Rocks!


and soon as they set up the UPA Little League we're coming after that sh*t too

I saw that Joyride and Team Fisher Price are going to the worlds this year, but I didn't see them competing at UPA's, nationals, regionals...or in any other tourney this year, whats the story there. Did they disband after last season and are just re-uniting for the worlds without playing together this season?

Joyride actually played in the UPA WA/BC Sectionals and earned a spot in and played at the UPA NW Regionals.

I don't have any [useful] information about TFP though... even though I should (I play with a few of its members).


a decent chunk of TFP plays Furious & RR, so they weren't playing mixed in the series. Is there really any better prep than being a VUL league team?????

I don't think it's the case for every level. Don't get me wrong, the NW probably does have some of the strongest Ultimate in the world, but if you look at VUL league it's quite a drop from division 1, to 2, to 3... almost exponential from 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3.... the rest is well very low. Not saying the same isn't true for other leagues in other parts of the world.

What I am saying is that the NW has a very high elite number of players who keep dominating. In addition, the NW is benefiting from having young college players just starting to become elite, and the best elite players are hitting their primes (for the most part). While I think many othe regions are going down because their elite players are mostly pass their prime. If you look at sockeye, many of their new top players are ex CUT college players who have been playing since highschool. Furious is in a similar boat too with UBC, except that their top players are largely still the core elite that have been around for years.

I haven't watched elite ultimate in a while so I don't know what's really going on... but my guess would be that it's a combination of sockeye and furious getting better, and the rest getting worse.

On a similar bent, Walrus... I get a strong sense that the stronger teams on the continent are those that have a good juniors development program and progression. Helps to ensure a more continuous stream of good (and in many cases better) talent. Those without have a harder time finding lots of good players from which to choose the good cream... that don't just end up moving to the NW.