2006 VUL Grants Program

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The VUL Grants Program seeks to provide financial support for volunteer-driven projects based out of the Vancouver ultimate community. If you have an innovative idea to promote ultimate in Vancouver and/or improve the ultimate community, but require financial resources, the VUL may be able to provide financial assistance.

Applicants may receive up to $500 CDN to accomplish an Ultimate-related project. There are four (4) grants of $500 each available per year, for a total of $2000 in grant funding available. If all four grants are not awarded during the Spring Grant Application Period, then a second application period will be applied in the late Summer.

Grant applications must be received by midnight on May 31, 2006. All completed applications will be reviewed and considered by the VUL Board of Directors, although grants will not necessarily be awarded to all applicants.

How to apply: Hit the Board Link on the Home Page to download the 2006 Application Form.

Any questions? Email Stephanie Chow at board@vul.bc.ca.

Good luck to all applicants!