2007 BC Junior Ultimate Championships

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Join us as we cheer on the best Junior Ultimate players in the province. The BC Disc Sport Society is hosting the 16th Annual BC Junior Ultimate Championships. Student athletes from around the province will be competing for the title of 2007 BC Champions in both the Junior High and Senior High School divisions!

This year’s tournament is being hosted on May 26th and 27th at the Burnaby Lake Regional Park (East). For more information on this year’s event go to the tournament website: http://juc.bcdss.bc.ca

We are looking for some people to help with this year's exciting event. We only need individuals for a few hours over the weekend to help with the setup and take down. Get yourself a free lunch and a disc for helping out! Plus you can watch some of the best Ultimate in BC!

Contact William by e-mail @ juniors AT bcdss.bc.ca

Thank you for supporting Juniors Ultimate in BC!

Hello Ultimate volunteers!

We still need a few people to help with the set up for the tournament.

The time committment is not that much, probably only an hour or two. The biggest component of this tournamnet is getting disc central set up (a couple of canopies, tables, etc.) and setting up the fields (some port-a-fields and some cones).

There will be FREE coffee and muffins to help you get of bed in the morning!

If you stick around, you can get a FREE BBQ lunch!

If you come back to help pack up, we'll even give you a FREE disc!

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

juniors AT bcdss DOT bc DOT ca

We are also looking for some people to come out and be spectators. This is a great event, with lots of things happening on-site. Plus there should be some great Ultimate too!

Thank you for supporting Juniors Ultimate!

William Arlotta

Thanks for organizing William!

Does anyone know the general typical end time for each day?

Also, I assume games are on teh grass fields at Burnaby Lakes and not the turf?

The schedules will be posted on the tournament website this weekend.

We expect to have most games done by 5 pm.

The games are located on Burnaby Lake Regional Park (East). These are the grass fields located near the rugby clubhouse.

We could still use a few more volunteers for the weekend!

Thank you for supporting Juniors Ultimate in BC!

We could still use a couple of volunteers for Saturday morning to help with the set up!

It will only take about an hour to set up the cones/port-a-fields and the canopies.

Free coffee and Timbits if you come in the morning (7am)!!!

Thank you for supporting Juniors Ultimate in BC!

I believe that Killarney won? Can I have run-down on how the weekend went over?

Killarney beat Hansen in the finals.

Killarney beat Saints/York
Hansen beat PW

I think I heard that VC/LFA took 5th

How did the juniors finish?

Rick Hansen beat Kitsilano in the junior finals.

Semis: Kitsilano beat Saints/York, Rick Hansen beat Eric Hamber

A great tournament this year, although less junior teams than in previous years the top teams all looked really strong.

Gwyn (Kitsilano Coach)

All the results are posted on the BCDSS Forum under the Juniors Ultimate section.

We look forward to seeing all the great teams again next year!

Thank you for supporting Juniors Ultimate in BC!