2007 College Finals

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I'm slow getting this started... funny, but that's what I heard people saying about me in my games last night too ;p

It's College Nationals Weekend... not only do the Women on the UBC team LOOK hot, but they're also "hot, hot, hot" over in Columbus Ohio this weekend. And that's a direct quote from one of the players as of a couple of hours ago. (30 degrees or so, although TWN says it's currently 28 and light rain).

The Lady T-Birds are going in seeded #7 (of 16) and sitting at the NW #3 spot. Their pool has #2 Wisconsin, along with #11 Delaware and #14 Dartmouth.

Their first game against Dartmouth 15-10 after taking half. Then second game against Delaware and again took half but lost some momentum and pulled ahead at the end after being tied at 12's to finish the game 15-13.

I'm guessing their forehead wipes after the end of the game wasn't just wiping the sweat from the heat, but rather wipes of relief.

Chow's certainly chewed 'em out a bit at the hotel during their cool-down break there to pick it up a notch to get out of the pool strong against their last game with Wisconsin.

Half-time with Wisconsin ahead 8-6. C'mon T-Birds... show em that NW run-n-gun work that you do so well!

On the men's side...

Florida (2) got taken down by Delaware (11) in a huge upset, which sets up Oregon nicely to take the pool and get set into the bracket on opposite sides to Stanford, who're doing well so far in their pool.

Wouldn't it be nice to see an all-NW final on the men's side?

2:45 Pacific, 5:45 Eastern where the tourney is...

UPA page is stalled at 14-12 UBC over #2 Wisconsin... clearly whatever Steph has said is working... winner takes pool and free road straight to quarters. The game slot is published as 4pm to 6pm...

No page updates in a while... no messages from the hottest ladies on the planet...

My old ticker can barely take the suspense...

BAM!!! 15-13 UBC!


Next up, 9am Pacific tomorrow [on edit: fixed from "pm"], UBC vs winner of pre-quarter game who will either be a-pool 2nd place (seed 8 Emory) or d-pool 3rd place (either Florida 9 or Northwestern 16, who by the way are NOT in the NW).

And then on to semi against (most likely) the NW#1 team, California (Berkeley) Pie Queens, unless Stanford (NW#2) beats Berkeley, in which case it'll be against Superfly. In any case, it looks most likely that all 3 NW teams are on the same side of the bracket, so there's no NW final this year.

Details from south of the border...

Wisconsin comes out hard and gets the first 3... 3-0 Wisconsin... then 5-1.

The T-Birds go on a 5-point run and make it 6-5 UBC. But then let Wisconsin take half 8-6.

I'm sure Chow had more select words... some kind, perhaps some not-so-kind...

Our ladies step up and start trading points and more... tied at tens, tied at 11s, 12s... then we pull ahead 2 and that's all she wrote... 14-12, 14-13, 15-13.

Vancouver women... what more needs to be said?

Would it be safe to assume that they play at 12 noon tomorrow, not 12 midnight?

Some big upsets coming out of the tourney so far. If I'm not mistaken, the Florida men took the title last year, yesno?

Oh, good catch...er I mean that was on purpose to see if anyone actually reads my ramble. Yeah, that's it. (fixed, btw)

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hey -- news from Ohio. Yes, Steve, Florida won last year. Us now are sitting at 3-0, tomorrow's
game straight into quarters at noon. Will update Mort as we play :P

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This write up was on the tourney website (link below)

Playing with their hearts on their sleeves and their late coach’s number on their jerseys, the University of British Columbia battled Wisconsin to earn the biggest upset of the day. Kira Frew barely breaks five feet tall, but the crafty handler played larger than life in the last round of pool play Friday. She broke inside, outside and hucked to dominant receivers such as senior Nikki Short to beat Wisconsin 15-13.

Wisconsin went up early, but after a timeout and a decision to run a four-person cup, UBC launched itself back in the game. Veteran handlers Holly Greunke and Anna Schott started the game by dicing through UBC’s defense, but tired mistakes and forced hucks allowed the Thunderbirds more chances than they needed to take over the game.

Bella’s freshmen Laura Bitterman was an ace on offense – running down most of what came her way. Wisconsin had trouble opening up the field to their speeder receivers once UBC’s zone clamped down on Bella’s handlers. The teams traded points as Wisconsin continued to have drops in the endzone and force flicks through the cup.

UBC moved the disc on Wisconsin’s forehand force using long OI hucks, IO flick breaks and a series of backhand dump swings. The Thunderbirds finished the game with a pretty huck to a streaking Short. The team was found later that afternoon rolling down the tournament hills celebrating their victory with coach Stephanie Chow, despite an exhausting day with close victories against Delaware (15-13) and Dartmouth (15-12).

The ladies are in the semi's !

I'm not sure whether the 16th seed, Northwestern, from IL, game out strong in a do-or-die attempt, or the T-Birds simply came out flat... but in either case, it wasn't an easy game, or at least not an easy start.

UBC up 5-4 partway thru the first half, and let Northwestern go on a 4-point run to take half 8-5. With lots of practice yesterday, Steph must've said (or yelled) some of the right things during half-time, because then we see the T-Birds tie it up at 8's and then go on to win 15-13.

Semi is against either California (Berkeley) or Stanford, the NW #1 and #2 teams, respectively, who're battling right now. The latest I've heard is Stanford took half 8-7.

Stay tuned...

... Semi is vs Stanford.

Stanford (#5) took down the Berkeley Pie Queens (#3) 15-11.

I think this is the first time the T-Birds have paired up against the Stanford Superfly all season... it's going to be exciting.

I believe that in nature, birds eat flies as part of EVERY meal... The laws of science hold true in Ohio just as well as in the rest of the world.

In the other semi, it's #1 UCLA vs #4 Calif-Santa Barbara.

Games start in about 45 minutes...

On the men's side, Stanford (NW#1) took out Texas 15-11 to earn a semi-final spot against #1 seed Wisconsin, who're looking strong all tourney so far, and most recently took out Oregon (NW#2) at 15-9.

The other semi is Florida vs Colorado.

My UV Fantasy picks from a couple of days ago are for Stanford to meet Florida in the final... lookin' good so far.

Men's games about to start.

So far on the Women's side, it's UCSB over UCLA 4-1, and our ladies are neck-and-neck with Stanford, early score is 3-4 Stanford.



... this is killing me... 9-5 Stanford ... then 9-7 ... now 12-12...

The other side looks tight too... currently 11-10 UCLA after being behind for the first half (or so) of the game...

This just in...

Our ladies had a huge come-back and pulled ahead to 13-12.

Cap at 14!!!

Superfly tied it up at 13's.

The T-Birds turned it over, and Stanford put up a messy late-stall throw that got 6 people under it and ended ina foul and back to thrower...

Stanford reset at stall 6 and then scored for the win.

Stanford to the final. Our ladies need to be exceptionally proud of themselves and have had an amazing season. I sure am.

I can't wait for tonight's write-up on the College site.

On the men's side...

Florida's out and so is my UV Fantasy :( ... Colorado over Florida 15-10.

Ah well, it looks like the other half of my picks are done too... so far it's Wisconsin over Stanford 12-5... unless Stanford can pull out a nice 10-point run.

And it looks like Santa Barbara took down #1 seed UCLA at the cap, 12-11.

Final tomorrow Stanford vs the Burning Skirts... go NorthWest!!!

Is it just me, or does your description of the woman's team seem vulgar and offensive to anyone else?

Sure it might be in fun, but your humour eludes me.

It's not an attempt at humour, it's actually what they call themselves. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it.

Of course, if they prefer I not call them what they/I do, I'm more than willing to stop/change.

The real question is are they LG with BT eh Morty?

I LOL'ed.

heh, yeah... some innocent jokes turn bad very quickly :)

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Wow, I actually agree with Swigger... crazy!

Congrats T-birds! Very impressive weekend!


Okay, innocent or not... if it's bothering folks, I won't do it in the future. I've also fixed my earlier references here in this thread, and apologize for not foreseeing that it might be bothersome. If you know me (and some of you do), I hope you know I meant no harm.

Play on...

So Mort, are we going to hold a parade in their honour? Just you, me and Lee?

If we're going to, I need time to prepare. And find a shirt three sizes too small.

That Stumpy...

I'll never forget how aggressive he gets on D, when they're seven on the line and ready to slap a 4-person cup on the opposition.... He'll snarl and say between clenched teeth, "L G B T! Let's generate bad turnovers!" And then they'll pull the disc.

Or have I missed something altogether?

mO By mO

where's our parade???

and it better end up at AuBAR this Saturday!! Steve, Sea Rat -- you guys coming??????

I thought we were talking about people who Like Getting Beer Tickets

No Stump, that would just be TOO silly!