2007 Masters Team Tryouts run by Furious

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Vancouver Masters takes Gold!

If you are 33 in 2007 and are serious about ensuring Vancouver wins Nationals as a gateway to Worlds 2008 hosted in our home city then, come to tryouts assisted by Furious George members.


- Vancouver has enough talent to make this dream a reality.

- Competition across the country will be fierce as open players in each province decide to join ranks with Master and Co-ed teams as they too want a shot at Worlds

- The winning team must be dedicated and willing to practice.

- Goal #1 of winning Nationals must be met in order to make Goal #2 – winning Worlds.

The Deal:

The Furious players know that in order for Vancouver to have the best shot at winning Nationals, that top talent cannot be split. Some Furious players have agreed to assist Vancouver Masters by holding tryouts and picking the team from these tryouts. No one, not even myself, has a spot on this team. Every single person has to earn their spot. This will truly be a team represented by the best master age players in Vancouver with a common goal.

Tryout Dates:

Tuesday, April 17th 6pm - dark

Saturday, April 21st 10am – 1pm

Tuesday, April 24th 6pm - dark

Saturday, April 28th 10am – 1pm

Field location will be announced closer to tryout dates.

The first two tryouts will be completely open – everyone of age is welcome. The 3rd & 4th tryouts will be closed.

Get yourself in shape! Cruickshank et al will be running us hard.

If you have any questions, will be late to tryouts or can't make tryout dates & want it known that you are interested in making our Vision a reality then email vancouvermasters2007@gmail.com and your name will be put on the list and/or will be responded to.

Through team consensus, name and leadership will be established when tryouts are complete.


I'm psyched

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