2008 College Series - Sectionals Part 1

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The ladies are down in Burlington this weekend doing battle in the first leg of the College Series. In the toughest Section (UBC is currently ranked first in the country, and Washington is ranked second) in the toughest Region (with 4 of the top 8 teams in the country), the final this weekend might very well be played and replayed a few times throughout the series.

With 5 teams (of the 7) moving on to Regionals in a few weeks, there's no question at all that we'll make it through. The question is who'll take top seed in the section, and whether that'll also give them first seed in Regionals, and the easiest road to the Finals in May.

So far, both UBC and Washington are 3-0, taking good command of most of the teams they're seeing so far... although some rumours are that UBC isn't playing as cleanly as their top rank might suggest.

UBC and Washington meet in their first game on Sunday morning, in what will surely be purely a practice game for their final later on in the afternoon.

Top seeds meeting for their first game of day 2 isn't the best idea... at least not from our perspective. The day started with a 12-6 loss against 2nd seed Washington.

The rest of the day went well, with Washington and our lovely ladies meeting again in the 1/2 final 4 games after their early morning meeting. Unfortunately, although the score was closer, the day ended with a book-end to the morning's loss, with Washington taking the top seed out of the top section in the top region with a score of 13-10, and UBC takes the 2nd seed.

I'm guessing that for Regionals in a few weeks, Washington will be given the #1 seed, Oregon #2, and our ladies #3, with Stanford pulling up the 4th seed and being awarded the coveted assignment to the pool of death (Pool D). Or possibly us and Oregon swapping 2 and 3... but in any case, we'll find out soon.

With 2 strength bids for the NW region, the top 3 teams make it to the Show in May... stay tuned.