2008 College Series - Sectionals Part 2

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Hey folks

And now it's the guys' turn to show their stuff ... um let me reword that ... the girls got my love last weekend, and this weekend, it's the guys' turn ... oh wait, that doesn't sound good either...

This weekend, it's the UBC Open team's turn to battle it out at their sectional tournament. This afternoon, I'm playing catch-up because yesterday I was busy helping with the Huckin' for Hearts tourney (16-team one-day charity benefit tournament... very successful).

For this weekend's sectionals, our guys went in seeded #1 out of 16 teams. I'm not exactly sure how many spots our section gets to regionals, but from the look of the bracket layout, I'd guess we get 6 spots.

Day one yesterday, we went 3-0, as did the other 3 top seeds, Whitman, Western Washington, and Washington, who all seemed to take care of their opponents quite handily. The final games yesterday were 1/2 crossovers, and again the top seeds all prevailed.

This morning's semi's were UBC vs Washington, and Whitman vs WW. The games should have been completed a couple of hours ago, but I don't yet know any results. I'll try to bring some updates as I hear them.

In other BC news... BC-B was the top-seeded B team. With a 1-2 pool play result landing them into the 6th place bracket, and then taking down last-seed Seattle yesterday, they've made it to the pre-semi's of the 6th place bracket. This game vs Washington-B in that 9am game completed a couple of hours ago... again no results. It's interesting that the same schools are matched up in this morning's first games... A vs A; B vs B.

And Victoria was playing in the 2nd place bracket this morning,, landing there after a 2-1 pool play yesterday plus a 1/2 crossover game loss yesterday. Depending on if/when they lose their first game today, they'll drop down to either the 4th place or 6th place bracket but still be alive. Perhaps they'll meet UBC-B in the 6th place final?

Should be an interesting afternoon...

Again, a day late (and a dollar short)... but here's the Sunday update for those that care... and even for those that don't...

A 15-10 morning game against Washington followed by a 16-14 game against Whitman gave our boys top spot out of the section! Nice work.

Victoria stayed strong through their first couple of games, including taking down 3rd seed Western Washington (who beat them earlier in pool play on Saturday). Unfortunately, they then went down to Washington and again met Western Washington for the 4th place final. WW overcame, which left Victoria taking the 5th spot out of the section, and also moving on to Regionals.

UBC-B overcame all of the other B-squads and a bunch of the A-squads. Unfortunately, they were stopped by only one point on a capped game, with only one game separating them from the game-to-go (6th place final), and ended up in 9th place.

Three great teams and three great finishes...

Next up, Regionals in a couple of weeks. I'm assuming top seed will be given to UBC ... stay tuned.