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m2c By m2c

The 2013 Nighthawks Roster has been announced on the team FB page. Have a
gander, leave a comment and drop us a Like!


I've looked everywhere, how come I can't find the roster?

It's buried in a comment thread for some reason.

only two players with no current or past furious experience

ryan lee
keane knapp

I think I've heard that Keane is one of the top ex-BC juniors of the last few years

anyone know anything about these two?

i'm interested in the current furious guys who did not make the roster - assuming they just didn't try out - Andrew Brown, Seraglia, Brendo, Norris etc.

also interesting to see how Leduc fits in after years of not committing to the furious system

reuniting Mauro and kirk- years and years of experience, but will they be quick enough - compared to the Seattle/SF rosters, ours seems a bit old...

other comments...

Keane Knapp is a standout product of the BC juniors system and currently plays for UBC. He is also a member of the 2013 U23 National Team and a fixture on their O-line.

Ryan Lee was an ultimate prodigy in his hometown of Ottawa and played for Queen's University at their height from 2003-2006, qualifying for the UPA College Championships in 2005. In the club system, he played for Phoenix and one half-season for GOAT. He handled for TFP in CUC2011.

Andrew Brown moved back to Wisconsin, where he is playing for the Radicals franchise.

Seraglia, Wong, and Norris did not try out.

So is Furious still fielding a team this year? how's it going to work with most of their players on the Nighthawks? It would've been nice to see more non-Furious players on the roster for the development of the team. Just my thoughts.

Jon By Jon

Furious talks about that on their site: