2018 Municipal Elections

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Hi. The 2018 Municipal Election is coming soon! Does the VUL have any insight into which candidates for the park board are the most ultimate frisbee friendly? Please let us know ASAP. Thanks.

This is a bit late, but for those who haven't voted yet:

In general, Park Board Commissioners in recent years has followed the recommendations of Park Board staff, and the staff are generally supportive of field sport initiatives and organizations. I can't think of any recent votes that went against the interests of sport. The next Capital Plan (2019-2021) also has a ton of money allocated for sport fields and facilities (almost 3 times any previous plan) mainly due to all of levies from housing development. 

One person I could highlight is Casey Crawford. He's been the VPB's liaison to the Vancouver Field Sports Federation for the past 4 years, and he's been great to work with. (I am President of the VFSF: www.vfsf.ca)

Beyond that, things get muddier. There are reasons to support parties from across the spectrum (e.g. right-of-centre parties have in general been supportive of sport, whereas many of the VUL's values & initiatives align well with progressive candidates). I'd recommend any candidate for Park Board or Council whose policies will help people who play ultimate to stay in Vancouver. :)