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Hello! My summer ulty team is looking for lady AND GENT matching folks!

We will be playing Tuesday or Thursday. We play 7 v 7, players have played from div. 2-4 likely this year to put ourselves in 4. 

We are a happy group of mid-twenties to early-thirties players. Who have played on and off with each other since high school and then through a team merger two years ago and now we are losing people again to adulting, life, work, families, etc so would LOVE to welcome you to the team! We have been the Flying Discmen and are currently Outta Disc World. 

Please message if you'd like to join :D We need A LOT of you fine team-less folks!!

PS Current roster is:

Women - 4

Men - 3

Jib By Jib

I m male in my twenties playing ultimate for past 5 to 6 years i m interested in joining your team my number is 778 836 2380. Please give me a call tonight.





If you still need a guy give me a shout! Im tall and quick. I've played lots of competitive sports but fairly new to playing ultimate in a league. Moved to Vancouver this year and looking for a team. Thanks,


Tom By Tom

Hey there! I’m super keen to join. I’m 25 and I’ve just moved from NZ and have played in the NZ team before. My number is 7782294619 

Jib By Jib

I am 6 feet 2 inches intermediate level been with VUL for past few years. Very eager to join your team.  778 836 2380

Hi Kate,


Just curious if you're still looking for male players.

I am 25 and have played competitive ultimate before through high school and SFU as well as VUL for a year or two. I am fairly athletic and enjoy playing defense with a special skill of footblocking.

Hi Kate,


If you're still looking for guy players I'd love to join your team! I've played VUL for a couple seasons now shoot me a text if you still have a spot! 778 863 2030



Hi Kate,

Just wondering if you still need female player for the team. I just moved in Van couple days ago and I'm mid-twenties who have been play for 7 years. Would love to join your team if you still need a lady.

My phone number is 7783501118


Hello! We are two experienced ulti players searching any team to join. we are from Philippines. We've been playing for more than four years with the local team back in our country. We just arrived Here last December, and we kept on searching for ultimate teams here in Canada. Let me know if your team is still looking for player. We would also love to try out, and willing to be trained.  :) Please email back or text me 778-814-4162

You're probably full, but if you need full time or a sub for Tues or Thursday, I'd love to play! I'm in my mid thirties, just moved back to Vancouver a few months ago. I've been playing for over 12 years, mostly in Div 2-3 in the past. Would really like to get back into it!

Let me know! 514-574-7887 (yes, still a Montreal number, but I live in Vancouver now!)