2 B level Females Looking for Mon or Wed Team

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Hey! My friend and I just moved here from T.O. and are looking to join a team preferably on Mon or Wed night - we would probably be rated as a B level.

We have a Monday night team that plays Div 1/2 and could definately take you both. We don't care how experienced you are, but speed would be welcomed.

Send me an email and I can give you more info. on the team.

My Wednesday div 3 team is looking two more female players, contact me via the e-mail link below if you're interested.

Hello, we are an experience team that plays MON nights. We went back and forth between DIV 3 and 4 last year but we're fun! Our team name is Tastes Like Another.

Let me know if you're still looking.



Engrish for the win!

Ji By Ji


If you are still looking for a fun team that values spirit and sportsmanship then look no further! G.I. Throw is looking for two girls to play with us on Wednesdays. We have played in many different divisions from Div2 to Div5 which is we currently want to be with an emphasis on fun. With a variety of skills on our team from new to advanced, we always look to learn and teach.

If you want to join our team feel free to contact Jineane at jpomen@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you :)

Do'nt know if you guys are still looking but we are in the Monday night single header league.
We play one game to 17 which means we usually get to play all of our games (our second one
doesn't go into the darker hour of the evenings) and we sometimes go for a couple of brewskies
if the sunset is right, and the deck is nearby. Shaft has been around for at least a decade and
we are for the most part pretty chilax. Let me know if you 2 are interested.