2 Girls looking for a fun beginner team!

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My friend and I are looking to play on a summer team! We are both
new to the game but can throw a frisbee and have played in high
school years ago...Looking to have fun and get into the game!


Hey Soleil,

Come and have fun with the Huckstables. We play Wednesday nights in div 5. We are all experienced players, but if you love to run we're happy to show you the ins and outs of the game. A couple of our players have moved away this year, so we have space for you and your friend.

The focus is on fun.

Tutus is your answer!

Div 7 thursday nights, Bunch of newbies. Great fun!

778 384 6069 if you would like to discuss!

Hi Soleil,

I'm in a Div. 5 team playing Mondays. We still have room for girls. Most of our players have a few years experience, but I'm still pretty new to the game. Come check out the team! We'll most likely be practicing Monday at Winona, 6 PM. Fire me an email if you are interested!