2 SWFs looking for a team.

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One can play but doesn't run very fast. One can run but doesn't know the game so well.

Care to take this motley pair on?

I'm Carolyn, former board member, played for about 8 years, taught by the greats: Kelly, Art, Del. Known to be a bit mouthy on the field, but definitely mellowing out in my advanced years. Anyone who has seen me play knows I move like molasses but I rarely throw it away and almost never drop it.

Louisa is my friend. She just learned how to play this winter league. Drops it a lot and almost always throws it away, but she's getting better and is eager to learn among people who know what they are doing. She's sporty and pretty quick… she's played soccer and volleyball for years, so can run and jump without falling down.

Basically, take both of us, and you get one whole player. And yet get two sets of ovaries on the field each week. We're available Mondays or Thursdays and I'd prefer not to play below Div 3 (Louisa doesn't know what that means, but agrees.)

As an aside, I'm looking for a Wednesday team as well.

how about joining us old timers on pHoeBe on Monday night? We're about a Div 2 team but hopefully this year we'll accomplish our goal and move down to Div 3 instead of getting bumped up ;)

Brad and Lulu

Hey Brad and Lulu...those are the goals I like to hear about.

I just realized I didn't add my email link to my message. I've attached it now, so please send me a note!

Hey Carolyn,

The Spastics are always on the lookout for more ovaries on the field. We share many of the same

goals as Phoebe but I think we heckle better. Let me know if you're interested in div. 2.5 Wed.


Hey Iain

yelling "foul....Foul....FOUL...." doesn't count as a heckle

(how's that for a heckle)

Hi there,

Still looking for a Div 1-3 team for Thursday night - for one or both of us. If we're playing SHD on Mondays, we're looking for some double-header action on Thursdays...

Ok, so that sounded a LOT worse than I intended.

i think Freudian Slip is looking for players

Actually Carolyn, that sounded just about perfect.

... well, to me, anyway, but I'm sure you've heard the stories.