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Hi there! We are 2 girls looking to join a team for the summer. We are both newbies, but are athletic and guranteed to pick up quickly. We're looking for a fun outgoing team. If you have room for us, drop us a line at lisakwinter@hotmail.com.

Hi Lisa,

We have room on our team - Ultimate Tease - and are always looking for fun, energetic people! Our team is level 5 or 6 (my co-captain registered us and I can't remember which we are); we play on Tuesday nights, and are a fun, easygoing group. We've been a team for about 5 years and have a great group of people together.

If you're interested in meeting us before you commit, we're having a team get-together at my place on Sunday, May 6th at 3:00. I live in East Van - if you're interested let me know and I'll send the address.

Hope you and your friend can join us!

Trish Jackson