2 gay, girls looking for fun summer team!

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Doh By Doh

Hi there,

Myself and another member on this site are looking for a team for the summer league. We're both fun, outgoing, gay, single, 23 yr old females.

Although we're not professional ultimaters we are atheltic and excited to play. We're down for some team events, but we're also competitive players.

Feel free to get back if you think we'd mesh with your team!

Chantel and Laura

Hi Chantel and Laura.

I can't make any promises right now. BUT, thursday division 1 team, we call ourselves Crabs. We might be running short on girls this year.

I have to talk it over with the captains/and the girls, because to be honest I don't know how many we have confirmed.

But if we need you, I will swiftly message you back. Or perhaps email instead. I don't ever check this forum and only got lucky.

Crabs is a team of 23 and 24 year olds. mostly met in highschool or college, been playing for a few years together. fairly competitive team, want to win, but never at the cost of getting mad at anyone on the team...unless they're hungover too much.

my email is kevinmlore@gmail.com
let me know if you're still game...I will do the same asap....but if you hear from another offer, don't feel tied down by my advance.


Hi Chantel and Laura,

My team has only 1 girl confirmed and we are in desperate need of more. We're at a lower div, probably going in at 4.

If you're interested shoot me back an email!


We're a Div 4 or 5 team recruiting for Monday nights. Weather permitting, we'll be out tossing the disc next weekend.

Let me know if you're interested.



Hey there,

We are a div 6 team playing on Wed nights and would totally welcome some new players to the team.

Email me back if you're interested.



Hello Chantal and Laura,

We're a fun team - the core of us have played together for years, and
many people come and go over the seasons. We play Wednesday nights.
We're thinking of going into Div 6. We run hard, we like to win, and we
always have a good laugh. Age wise: most of us are in their twenties.
Some wish they still were.

Fee free to call if you want to find out more

Pieter 778-866-4207