2 girls and 2 guys looking for sunday fall team

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one guy and girl currently play in div 5
one guy and girl are new though the guy is very athletic (soccer)
Unfortunately our summer league team isn't looking to play fall but we would love to join your team if you are looking for a few players.

Hello my girlfrend and I are also looking for a fall team. We both play and know the rules. We moved here from Quebec City and we have to find a team to join.

Keep us posted
Simon and AnneMarie

Hello~ here are another guy and girl who would love to play with fun spirited people. We can both run and know the game well. Thank you.

Lil By Lil

Hey there!

Just wondering if any of you have found a team. Our team Wyld Stallyns is looking for a few folks, we really need more guys for sure and a couple girls. We play Sunday PM for fall. We're a bit of a mixed bag with some players that are quite new and some with a few years experience. Drop me a line at small_sounds@yahoo.ca if you are interested and/or want to know more.