2 girls looking for a fun team!

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Hi, I'm an intermediate player and my friend is a beginner. We're both 26, fun, enthusiastic and willing to run hard on the field. We're hoping to join a team that is fun but not too competitive and play some fun games this summer! Let us know if you have a spot on your team!

Tiffany (and May)

A By A

you can email me and see if we fit what you're looking for.

we should be a thursday team.

I can almost guarantee we'll be in the lowest division possible.

I'm also pretty sure, if we aren't trying to have fun, then we probably shouldn't be playing. haha.

Hi Tiffany,

My team is looking for a couple of spirited girls to join our team. Wednesday nights Div.4 with hopes of moving up to 3.

Our team's first priority to have a fun and at the same time, compete and run hard.

E-mail me if you need any more info.


Hi Tiffany and May,

Our team is playing on Thursday nights, probably starting in Div 4. We like to play hard on the field and then go out to eat afterwards. We'll be having some practices soon (usually Saturdays) so drop me a line if you'd like to meet us.


Hey Tiffany,

We are an established team of experienced players with a focus on fun. Maybe too much fun. Three of the women on our team got pregnant last year, so we need some replacements. If that sounds good to you, drop me a line.

Wednesday, div 5 hoping to move down to 6.