35 y/o Male, low-mid div player, 5 years experience looking for 7on7 team for Fall 2015

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Hi, I'm looking for a team to play on Saturday AM for Fall league. I could be interested in Sunday AM too. I'm a 35 year old male with a dad body (although I'm not a dad) and I'm somewhat tall. In the summer, my team said I was one of the most improved cutters this year and I'm good in the cup too. My Summer league team is Local Pint.




Hey David,

I think I'll have a spot for you, Saturday AM.I remember playing against local pint on Wednesdays, you guys were a good time. Text or call me at 7782323496.



Awesome! I didn't even see this. I'll send you a text.

Bump. I still don't have a team.

Hey - we're looking for some subs for this upcoming Saturday AM - message me if interested!