$3 Discraft Discs

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Rob By Rob

I've got 750 UltiVillage discs with a slight misprint sitting in my garage. If you are interested in buying a minimum of 75 discs, I'll sell them for $3 per disc.

Email me through the link below if you are interested.

Hello, are they all official size and weight? Do you have pictures of them you could send me?


I think they say, "UltiViagra" on them or something similar.

They'll definitely be official size/weight otherwise.

Official size/weight, sure, but probably far less flexible.

What? Someone had to say it.

Ya, but on a huck, they'll stay up forever!!!

I emailed and didn't get an answer?

Doesn't it take at least 30 min before you get a response? Mort, could you clarify?

Yeah, but it's been almost a week - I think you're supposed to call a doctor if your response exceeds five hours.

I know Rob's busy, but try rob AT ultivillage DOT com, just in case his VUL email goes to a separate account.

If you still don't get him, let me know (email link below) and I'll yell at him through other means... which might include ramping up my stalking of his wife on facebook until he complies!

Thanks. Will do.