4 Male-matching players looking for a team!

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Looking to play in a higher div league this summer, we're 4 friends that aren't super plugged into the Ulti community yet and would love to join a squad!

Hey Bryant! We seem to be on a similar quest to find a team for summer league. If you are up for it we could probably pull together a couple of volunteers from the matchmaking page and get a team going. I'll message directly, but thought I would post here as well to see if anybody else is interested. 

Kim By Kim

Heyo! Depending what division you end up in... I'd love to link up! Hailing from Saskatchewan and new to West End...I have played for over 20 years and I am well rounded, solid weeeee woman. Covid might have me slower though. I can handle, love playing cup and pre covid... liked to go deep hahahaha. I am not the quickest but experience and skill makes up for what I lack. Okay... if not for you... swipe left bahahah! Ciao! 

Hey there, I am in the same situation here: new in town, not plugged at all and willing to get the legs working! If you think about pulling a team together from the matchmaking page I would be super down! I would put myself in the higher parts of intermediate, but COVID might have taken some of my sport ability which I will have to work on!

Also looking for a team! I'm pretty fast and a decent cutter who also likes to go deep. Not much of a handler, though I've gotten better over time.