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Ok, so the bios for the people running for the board have been out for at least 20
minutes. Where is this <strike>Brian</strike>M2C character at? How am I supposed
to know who to vote for!?

Vote for Pedro.

Hang on there, the names of the candidates are being studied at the M2C Institute of
Predicitions as we speak, we will have a full report telling you all who WILL win shortly.

Remember, once the report is out, that is what will happen, so if you bother to go to the AGM
you might as well vote as I tell you to.

M2c (Not Brian)

Just a reminder VUL members. Show that you care about the future of the VUL and come out Wednesday for the AGM. Make your vote count.

What does the VUL Board need? More White Males! We need to work on Diversity people!
Thank God for Krista...

1. Pete McCann - Like all elections, the incumbents have the inside track. Pete has been there
and done that, also, he is currently on the board. As treasurer he seems incapable of
overseeing a loss in revenue for the VUL, but we won't hold that against him. Pete gets in no

2. Olivier Lessard Fontaine - Or  OLF as he will now be known. This guy has been running
around the VUL with a grin on his face for years, so when you think about him you think of
happy thoughts, or poutine. Both good. OLF gets in.

3. Kyle Eriksson - It's possible that I had assumed Kyle and Olivier were the same person
when I saw them at the field. Who knew? Kyle seems like a nice boy, why wouldn't I, and be
extension you, vote for him? Kyle gets in if he shows up at the AGM, if not then he is the same
person as OLF and I'm not voting for him twice!

4. Krista Willoughby - Krista is the VUL version of the Soap person who always got nominated
but never won, then she did win, then nobody cared about her. Much like the Red Sox.
Baseball isn't interesting, why can't people see that? The playoffs were beaten badly in the
ratings by NFL. The Seahawks are doing alright this year but they will end up 8-8, count on it,
just like you can count on the fact that Krista gets on the Board this time around.

5. Terry Yarmchuk - Bubble boy. On the one hand he looks good in a suit. On the other hand
he submitted a picture of himself in a suit. Plus I'm worried that during his time in Korea he
was "turned" (currently I'm 1/2 way through Season 1 of Homeland). You don't know, maybe
he has come back to destroy us all!If Kyle doesn't show up then I guess I can live with a
puppet of the supreme leader on the board.

6. Caleb Fuergutz - It seems like a hippy yoga person should be a shoe in for any frisbee
position...but no.

That is the way it will be. Remember to show up next week, I can't make it but I will read
about what happened here.


Hey m2c,
didn't Susan Lucci finally get the award. All I want is the best for the VUL as anyone who knows me would agree. See you at the AGM.
Krista Willoughby

Yes, Susan Lucci did win (Thanks Google) and the computer says that this is your 1999 (The year Lucci won, everyone try to follow along)

Remember to show up tonight and vote! If the Americans can do it so can we.

2 More Years! 2 More Years! 2 More Years!


What happened? You don't even need to ask, just read the prediction. Was there any doubt...

Unconfirmed reports have have the order of finish (wait to see when the AGM Minutes are posted) also correct.

Boooo Yaaaaa