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Last night, a team did the nicest thing. Because I have such sweet hands, I dropped
the pull on our goal line last night. However, the nicest team in the world, Pheeble,
allowed us to play on, like I didn't drop it on the goal line! Thanks guys!!!

M2C must still be in Japan

It makes me sad that this is something that you deem to be noteworthy. You don't think other teams would have done the same thing? Wouldn't you?

I can't think of one time, where our opponents dropped the pull, that we all didn't just laugh and say "take it anyway". Seriously - I love rules as much as the next guy, but...really? Sure, I GUESS if the game actually means something ie a keg is on the line of a final playoff match...then maybe I'd be more of a stickler... :)


PS: not intended to take anything away from the nice gesture by Pheeble - yeah that was nice!

I'd be interested to know the ratio of "it's ok, you keep it" dropped
if-not-more-so to dropped pulls. I have a sneaking suspicion that it would
be somewhere around zero to way too many.

Careful when cleaning up the dripping sarcasm off your keyboard ;)

Mom, did you miss this thread? Methinks the OP was posting in reply to it.


In my div, we'd had 3 (?) dropped pulls this summer, and all resulted in turnovers. No questions asked. The 'accepted convention' for enforcing that rule varies by division, I believe, and that's perfectly OK in my book.

Oh where to start?

So you drop the pull and you think it's "nice" that a team gives it back? And now you have
learned nothing. Tell me, when you pick up the pull and pass it to someone and they drop it
(first pass) is it also nice to get to take that back? Sounds like a fairly boring game to me, not
nice for anyone!

Although my bigger problem with this whole thread is the telling comment by Mom that
he/she/it/they would allow you to pick up a dropped pull...but only if the game doesn't mean
much?!? A better example of WHY this should never be allowed has never been stated!

We will only be Nice if it doesn't cost us anything? Doesn't sound very nice to me! Can you let
me know prior to the game if this game is important enough for you to play by the rules? If
not, then if you score a Callahan can you also just give me the throw back? Also, please
change the stall count to 30. Why not, the game doesn't mean anything right!


The intolerably nice people are trolling the determinedly grumpy people.

The Internet has become a very peculiar place.

I hope all you rule sticklers are making sure to pipe up when you see teams contravening rules that have some bearing in the real world too. The litter, sideline drinking, etc that often accompany an ultimate game are some good examples of the things we let slide. I'd hate to think your dedication to the rules as written is something that gets abandoned when stepping up requires more than Internet-level courage.


What part of "YourMom" makes you think I am a "he" or an "it"? Is YOUR Mom a he or a it?

Yes, I just went there.



So you are saying that your "Handle" is actually saying something about your "Real Person"? Well, I guess there is a first time for everything, but in general, on-line, it's good to not assume anything about anyone. Except of course that all VUL Forum Posters are degenerate unemployable troglodytes. That is a safe assumption.

As for this all being a Troll, of course it was a Troll, but the problem is that the occasional "normal person" from the league reads these posts and after reading this one I didn't want them to think that the whole drop pull thing is a "Nice thing". It isn't.

Will that stop them from allowing a team to have 2 turnovers prior to relinquishing the disc? Probably not, but I do what I can.

Boy is it nice to type with a keyboard and not a touchscreen!