Accidentally dropped and caught disc.

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Hey all,

Here's the situation: The thrower accidentally lets go of the disc. He did not intend to throw it. He takes a couple steps to his left and catches the disc. The disc did not contact anyone in between.

I believe Rule XII.B. applies here and specifically this sentence:
"If the thrower regains possession of an accidentally dropped disc before it contacts the ground without another player touching the disc, that possession is considered continuous."

So, I understand that the thrower is allowed to retain possession since this was not an intentionally thrown disc. But here's the question: Are you allowed to call Travel since the thrower has moved their pivot during a continuous possession?


"Traveling: The thrower must establish a pivot at the appropriate spot on the field and keep all or part of the pivot in contact with that spot until the throw is released."

Since an accidental drop is not a throw, and since the thrower has yet to make a throw, I suppose you can call a travel if the thrower loses his pivot in the act of recovering a drop.

You said, "accidentally lets go," so for the sake of covering all the bases I'll include this too, in case it's relevant:

"Throw: A disc in flight following any throwing motion (including a fake) that results in the thrower losing contact with the disc.
3.The act of throwing is the motion that transfers momentum from the thrower to the disc in the direction of flight and results in a throw. Pivots and wind-ups are not part of the act of throwing."

So, there's a chance you're talking about an accidental throw instead of an accidental drop, which would have a different outcome.

Okay, so you can call travel. Good to know - thanks!

Good observation about the definition of throw... I was latching on to the "accidental" part. I think the key part of the Throw definition in this particular case was "Pivots and wind-ups are not part of the act of throwing" ... so if your fake was really a pivoting fake, then it is not a throw and counts as a drop, right? In which case you are allowed recover it.

As long as it was the pivot part of the fake and not the throw part of the fake, then sure.