Angry Player- a few years ago

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Hello, I am posting because I may need witnesses who observed my husband's explosive temper in order to get a divorce. He was the Captain of Whovilles Heros, Grassy Asses from the years 2001 to 2005.
We moved to Germany after that. I am filing for divorce but may need some corroberation other than that of my family to his nature if he will not cooperate.
The German people who witnesses his temper and treatment of me are his friends and will not assist.
He became extremely angry almost every game and expected me to support him. At the time I remember it being discussed on the forum. I am hoping someone remembers.
In Germany all his anger was directed at me and I became so depressed it was a great health risk.
Please contact me if you remember and are willing to make a statement.

Thank you very much.