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Perhaps I should have been more specific in my word choice. My point was that everything gets eaten. Whether or not microorganisms hunt their prey would be a bizarre discussion to have.

And of course, all of the things you listed are hunted. The full-grown, perhaps not, but you can bet that the offspring of every one of those species are in danger of predation. As for "far, far more often", that'd be debatable, too, unless you can show me numbers of lion cubs born compared to number of lion cubs that survive to adulthood, or grizzlies, or eagles, etc.

What animals do you think are hunting lion and grizzly cubs? The risk/reward ratio doesn't make it a good idea for most predators. Probably some baby eagles get eaten while still nesting, but the top level of predators don't generally face much danger of being hunted by other creatures.

See link. Infanticide is a common thing in nature.

Same species infanticide is a whole different ball of wax to what (I thought) we were talking about.