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Lots of stories to choose from on this one. Went with the Whistler Question:

Finger pointing begins in ‘execution’ of Whistler sled dogs
SPCA spokesperson describes ‘horrific’ scene of slaughter

by Jennifer Miller

SPCA investigators have their work cut out for them after the finger pointing has begun in the case of 100 sled dogs slaughtered in Whistler last April.

full story linked below

Animal culling is a real tar baby of an issue that is great for selling newspapers and sparking forum discussions. This is good, as the discussions do need to be held if some good will come of it. Some disorganized points as I rush out the door:

Such a flawed business model. It appears the business was motivated by greed and narrow focus on the bottom line, prodded by Olympic-fuelled tourist demand for dog sled tours. The business plan was unsustainable and didn't plan for the obvious and inevitable drop off in demand.

The only reason this company didn't get away with it is because the employee who did the culling filed for worker's compensation.

The whole affair is being investigated and hopefully new guidelines and oversight will be established and enforced.

After that, we should look at other unsustainable animal related industries like humungous pork factories.

They came to snuff the rooster. But sometimes things don't go as planned.

Bird - 1, Man - 0

see link.

Back to the Sled Dogs, the owner (not the killer) of the company is reported to be "Joey Hussein". I have not seen a photo, but there is a Joey Hussein who plays/played Ultimate in Victoria and Vancouver in the 90's.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Anyone know if this was the same person. Hoping not.


Jon By Jon

Pretty sure it's the same guy. At least, I know that the former Intrawest CEO's
other son plays ultimate (produced the film I Bleed Black before going on to
make Mountain Bike movies). Would guess his brother does too.