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Our 2012 AGM will be Wednesday November 7 at Heritage Hall (Main & 15th).

This is an important event for the VUL! Activities include:
- Free food & drink
- Annual reports from the Board and Staff
- Proposed bylaw changes (the Board would like to clean them up)
- See our new logo, and get updates on our new website
- Elect new Board Directors for the coming year

A major part of the AGM is electing new Directors to the Board. There are 4 openings this year. Have you ever thought about running for the Board, or know someone who would be a good Director? Nominations are due by October 31st (and you can nominate yourself).

See the Calendar Event for full details (www link below).

Don't forget heckling!

Plus, I nominate everyone who has ever posted to this Forum. Everyone is so sure of their position on all topics you will make great board members!

It was my idea so I get a pass...


Don't forget to check back here to see the likelyhood of eventual nominees to be elected.


Reminder that all nominations & declarations to run for the Board are due by 6pm on Wednesday. Do you know someone who'd make a good director? Someone with leadership skills or aspirations, able to work well with others, and passionate about the long-term health of our league and community? Encourage them to put their name in!

See the home page for an update, including two motions from the Board and the list of candidates.