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From todays Sun.

Some will have issue with this quote speaking of the car "Besides being the most convinient form of urban transport ever invented"

Pretty ridiculous, simplistic arguments but fun to debate...

That's one of the worst arguments I've ever read. So many wrong assumptions and examples of faulty logic I don't know where to start: using regional and urban stats interchangeably, ignoring the "more transit available = more transit use = fewer cars" connection, assuming that because more people live in an area that more cars will be there, ignoring the "more roads = more cars = more congestion" progression. Yikes!

"Randal O'Toole ( is a senior fellow with the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., and author of The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths: How Smart Growth Harms American Cities. Randal O'Toole will speak on this topic at the Fraser Institute, 1770 Burrard,at noon on June 20."

I have issue with the fact that there's literally no choice in daily newspapers here in Vancouver. You have the Sun and the Province... oh wait, they are both owned by Canwest. If you then include national newspapers, there's the Globe and Mail, and the National Post... oh sorry, the National Post is also Canwest! So really, we only have two daily newspapers here in Vancouver: Canwest, or Globe and Mail... and both are pretty right-wing.

"faulty logic" about sums it up.

"Research shows that building, heating, and operating highrise condos emits more greenhouse gases than single-family homes."

Uuuuuh, ya, if we all lived only in a our single family home bubbles!

Whatever. The author is speaking at an upcoming Fraser Institute event. Consider him discredited. I guess they had to balance reporting after giving Suzuki an entire issue :)