Anyone looking for a local Dentist?

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Seeing all the inquiries about dentists on this forum, I decided to let the ultimate community know that I have expanded, from Surrey, into Vancouver. I currently work in a practice at Oakridge mall[41st and Cambie] on Fridays. You can book an appointment with me, Dr.Alex, by calling the office and speaking with the staff there.


321-650 West 41st Avenue

Hmmm... Not a bad idea. Get that pesky wisdom tooth extracted AND get one-on-one lessons in how to throw that 30-yard scoober or that 70-yard cross-field hammer... All for one all-inclusive price!

I never heard of that kind of dental coverage.... must be something under the Extended Farm Accident plan.

I hope the wisdom tooth extraction is backed by a better success record than the throwing lessons would be.

Good luck Dr. Alex.

Hey - anyone know someone good on the North Shore? Lower or Central Lonsdale would be awesome, but only if they're good.


Sorry, I only know of fantastic orthodontist[if anyone is looking for one]... but I can check around and see if there is a regular dentist that comes with high praise.

I'm happy with my dentist on the North Shore. His name is Dr. Peter Pessinis and his number is


He is in West Van.

Try him out...he's a great guy!