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Here is a good one:

Today my check ran inside the 10ft radius/bubble of the handler. So being a good defense-man, I went into the 10ft radius/bubble with my check.

While doing so, I kept my arms out, to try to be as big of an obstruction as possible.

The handler tells me that it's okay to follow my check into the 10ft bubble, but I can't put my arms out to cause any obstruction.

Now, I wasn't slapping anybody with my arms, nor was I in the handler face.

As far as I am concerned, this is just good defense...

Survey says?

Forget the survey, this is a frightfully common misconception that has zero basis in the rules.

Unless you're the Marker, there's no rule that treats your arms any differently than the rest of
your body (incidentally there's no rule that says the marker can't stick his arms out either). Next
time somebody says "you can't stick your arms out", you could say "you cant throw forehand
when you're wearing long sleeves." Both statements have equal basis in the rules.

... wait, but can you throw a hammer, which coincidentally uses a forehand grip, while wearing a 70's 3/4 length Black Sabbath concert shirt?

Only if the intended receiver signals you with a devil-horns hand gesture.